Expand Your Range of Services as Our Partner

Our human genetics laboratory is one of the most modern facilities in Europe. Since its foundation in 2009, we have developed more than 50 genetic analyses in the fields of lifestyle and health care.

We do not carry out these analyses for end customers, but exclusively on behalf of partners such as insurance companies, doctors’ practices, nutritionists, and pharmacies.

Become our partner and expand your range of services with gene analyses that support your customers in health care, weight loss, or skincare.

Novogenia Works According to the Highest Standards

The performance of genetic analyses requires know-how and care. With Novogenia, you can be sure that both are available. Our DNA laboratory, which has been certified several times, is approved by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Health to carry out medical genetic analyses.

Our facility operates to the highest standards, such as ISO 9001, and our experienced staff and state-of-the-art laboratory equipment ensure error-free procedures.

You can, therefore, rest assured that the genetic analyses of your customers and patients are in the best hands with us and that we deliver reliable analysis results at all times.

Who can become a partner of Novogenia?

Whether it is a gym that wants to offer its clients a gene-based weight loss program or a nutritionist that intends to support its clients with individual recommendations for healthy eating – working with Novogenia opens up a wide range of possibilities.

In principle, all companies whose clients can benefit in any way from a gene analysis are eligible as our partners.

Currently, our partners include companies from the following sectors:

  • Medical practices
  • Pharmacies
  • Fitness studios
  • Nutritionist
  • Alternative practitioners
  • Insurance
  • Beauty salons

If you are of the opinion that our gene analyses are a useful addition to your range of services, please contact us today. We are sure that both sides will benefit from a partnership.

This Is How You Can Become a Partner of Novogenia

If you are interested in a partnership with Novogenia, we look forward to hearing from you. Simply contact us by email or phone. Our staff will be happy to answer your questions and discuss the possible forms of cooperation with you.

If you have decided to become our partner, in the next step, we will send you free information material and sample sets for taking DNA samples from your customers. The whole thing is completely non-binding for you and does not involve a minimum quantity of orders for genetic analyses.

This Is How the Order for a Gene Analysis Works

If a client is interested in a genetic analysis from our portfolio, advise him/her on the importance and scope of the genetic examination.

Now open the sample set together so that your customer can take a saliva sample (with your help if necessary). You send us the saliva sample with the completed form that is included with each sample set so that our laboratory can carry out the genetic analysis.

After successful analysis, we will prepare a comprehensive report with the results, which we will send to you either as a PDF by email or as a booklet by post. You discuss the results with your customer and, if necessary, advise him/her on further measures to be taken.

Personalized Food Supplements and Cosmetics

In addition to pure gene analyses, our portfolio also includes personalized dietary supplements and beauty products that we manufacture based on the genes of the respective customer.

These are available together with the following gene analyses, for example:


Beauty Sensor

Nutriton Sensor

Weight Sensor

The production takes place in our own production facility in Salzburg, Austria. High production standards, as well as the exclusive use of high-grade raw materials, guarantee first-class quality and safe products.

A repeat order by you or your customer is possible via our online shop, whereby you will also receive your agency fee for this.

For Questions and Problems, We are at Your Disposal

We want our partnership to be a success for you and your customers to be satisfied with the service provided. For this reason, we support you whenever necessary.

Should a conversation with a customer ever give rise to questions that you cannot answer, our employees are always available for a consultation.

This also applies, of course, if you have any suggestions or require additional advertising material. Just let us know your request and let us find a solution together.

Note on Medical Genetic Tests

Please note that according to the law, medical gene analyses may only be commissioned by doctors. Should you not belong to this professional group, the possibilities of a partnership are therefore limited to our analyses from the field of beauty and lifestyle.