High-quality Food Supplements from Austria

Novogenia is a food supplement manufacturer from Austria. Our company specializes in the development and production of personalized micronutrient mixtures in small quantities starting from one piece.

For this purpose, we use genetic analyses, the results of which enable us to compile any mixture of common vitamins, minerals, and secondary plant substances — this allows our customers to benefit optimally from taking their food supplements.

What Makes Novogenia Products so Special

  • Strict quality controls for maximum safety
  • High bioavailability thanks to innovative encapsulation in micro transporters
  • A personalized blend based on genes for optimal effectiveness
  • Excellent compatibility thanks to high-quality raw materials
  • Production in Austria to the highest standards

Our In-house Production in Salzburg

The production of the food supplements takes place in our production facility in Salzburg, Austria. There, we have the most modern production facilities in an area of around 1,500 m², which enable us to manufacture to the highest standards.

Our automated production capacity as a food supplement manufacturer is currently 20,000 personalized micronutrient mixtures per month. However, we are planning to increase this to 100,000 soon.

Exact Composition of the Desired Recipes

The creation of a personal recipe based on the respective analysis results is carried out by a sophisticated algorithm with over 200,000 lines of programming code. So-called safeguards are built into this code, which prevent certain safety limits from being exceeded when compiling personalized food supplements.

If contrary to expectations, problems should arise, our experienced employees are always able to detect abnormalities such as above-average amounts of certain micronutrients and correct them manually.

Quality is our Top Priority

High quality is essential for us as a food supplement manufacturer. Our production, therefore, follows the highest standards, so that we can offer our customers high-quality and absolutely safe products at all times.

Strict Quality Tests Accompany the Production Process

Before we approve raw materials from new suppliers for production, they are tested for heavy metals, PAHs, and their nutrient concentration, and undergo microbiological tests.

We also test every production batch of micro transporters for nutrient content and microbiology. In this way, each individual package of personalized micronutrients has undergone around 50 quality tests at the end of the manufacturing process.

Elaborate Water Treatment

The tap water used during production is first desalinated by reverse osmosis. It is then double distilled to remove any remaining salt, before finally being stored at 80°. In this way, we can reliably prevent the growth of bacteria and guarantee optimal water quality for our production.

Vacuum Drying to Protect Raw Materials

After we have encapsulated the raw materials for our food supplements in small micro transporters using an advanced process, the pellets are elaborately dried in one of our four vacuum chambers. Since no high temperatures are required, the valuable ingredients of the micro transporters are optimally preserved.

Manager and Developer

Michael Huttegger (MIB)

Michael Huttegger is the head and developer of Novogenia’s nutritional supplements division. Together with his team, he ensures compliance with production standards and the further development of our range of innovative dietary supplements

The Dosage Form Influences the Effectiveness

In addition to the formulation, the dosage form also plays a vital role in the effectiveness of food supplements. Conventional preparations in the form of capsules, powder, or liquid supply the body with the full dose of the micronutrients contained in the product at once.

This causes several problems and leads to a negative effect on the absorption properties and, thus, the effectiveness of the food supplement.

Innovative Encapsulation in Micro Transporters

To avoid this, we have decided to encapsulate the raw materials in so-called micro transporters. These are small pellets made of indigestible plant fibers and corn starch, which optimally protect the micronutrients they contain and enable a delayed-release.

Our micro transporters are practically tasteless and can be provided with an enteric coating or melted over with beeswax to improve their feel.

Sustained Maintenance throughout the Day

Most micronutrient preparations are absorbed very quickly by the body via the intestines and are broken down very fast. Since our micro transporters release the vitamins and minerals contained in them slowly, taking them in this dosage form guarantees an optimal supply throughout the day.

Optimized Absorption Properties

Certain micronutrients support each other in their absorption. For this reason, we encapsulate, for example, calcium and vitamin D in the same micro transporters to optimally promote the absorption of the micronutrients in the body.

No Mutual Inhibition of Absorption

At the same time, some micronutrients can block each other because they depend on the same processes when absorbed into the body. By combining separate encapsulation and slow release in the intestine, this can be avoided with the help of our micro transporters.

Alternative Dosage Forms are Possible

Although we have specialized in the development and production of food supplements in the form of micro transporters, we, as a contract manufacturer, can press micro tablets with a diameter of four millimeters on-demand or can supply products as powder on request.

We Offer our Customers Real Personalization

General recommendations for taking food supplements are not useful. This is because the individual need for micronutrients is influenced to a large extent by genes.

For this reason, we compile a personalized mixture for each customer, the recipe for which is determined by gene analysis. The genetic test is carried out to the highest standards in our own DNA laboratory.

Our customers can, therefore, be sure that their Novogenia dietary supplement contains precisely the right amount of micronutrients to meet their personal needs and thus provide the best possible effect.

Which Genes We Analyze

To ensure the ideal composition of our personalized food supplements, we analyze more than 50 genes, which, according to current knowledge, can influence the micronutrients required.

This allows us to determine, for example, whether certain antioxidants have their usual effect or whether genetic variations require the dosage of a particular micronutrient to be increased or decreased.

If we are informed of health problems in advance, the algorithm responsible for determining the optimal formulation is even able to include existing diseases in its calculations.

High-quality Raw Materials from Biological and Pharmaceutical Sources

To ensure the optimal effectiveness of our micronutrient mixtures, our raw materials and their suppliers must meet high-quality standards.

Whenever possible, we prefer raw materials from biological sources for the production of our food supplements. This is because these usually have a higher bioavailability. They are also often better tolerated.

However, the amount of the respective micronutrient contained in biological extracts is often comparatively small, which requires a larger volume of the finished product to achieve the desired dosage.

In addition, some micronutrients from biological sources are not available in the correct form. For this reason, we also rely at least partially on pharmaceutically produced raw materials.

The Right Mixture Makes the Difference

Synthetic raw materials allow a significantly higher concentration as well as a particularly precise dosage. Also, they remain stable for a more extended period of time compared to micronutrients from biological sources.

Despite the generally lower bioavailability of pharmaceutical micronutrients, we, therefore, use raw materials from both sources in the manufacture of our food supplements, so that our customers can benefit optimally from all the advantages.

The mixing ratio can vary depending on the desired formulation. However, micronutrients from biological sources usually account for around 80 percent.

Our Micronutrients and their Effects

Whether signal transmission between nerve cells, support in cell division, or reduction of oxidative stress – micronutrients fulfill a multitude of vital functions in our body.

An optimal supply of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients are, therefore, crucial for the health and well-being of every individual.

As the individual requirements are significantly influenced by the genes of the user, we recommend carrying out a gene analysis to determine the ideal mixture ratio of the various ingredients.

Based on the knowledge gained from this analysis, we produce a personalized dietary supplement. The final effect of the preparation depends mainly on the micronutrients it contains and in what quantity.

So far, we have encapsulated around 50 different micronutrients in micro transporters. In the following, we would like to explain the effect that can be expected from taking them using a few examples.


Magnesium is a mineral that is involved in numerous processes in the body. Among other things, magnesium contributes to the maintenance of healthy bones and teeth and the normal functioning of the nervous system and the psyche. It also supports energy metabolism, muscle function, and protein synthesis.


DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) are omega-3 fatty acids. The polyunsaturated fatty acids play a role in particular in the development and maintenance of normal brain function. They are also crucial for vision and heart function.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin which, among other things, helps to increase bone density and supports cell division. In addition, vitamin D plays an essential role in the immune system, the maintenance of normal muscle function, and the absorption of calcium and phosphorus.

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