Hypertension Sensor

The hypertension sensor provides information on whether there is an increased risk of high blood pressure and shows which prevention and treatment measures are appropriate.

High blood pressure is often detected too late

High blood pressure (hypertension) is not painful and often does not cause any symptoms for a long time. Accordingly, it is usually detected much too late and may already have caused severe damage to the heart and blood vessels.

Early diagnosis of high blood pressure is crucial to avoid such problems. After all, hypertension is one of the most significant risk factors for heart attacks, strokes and other dangerous diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Causes of hypertension

In 90 percent of all cases, hypertension is not caused by an organic disease but occurs for no apparent reason. Factors that can contribute to high blood pressure include obesity, lack of exercise, smoking and a high-salt diet.

However, genetic predisposition also plays an important role. For this reason, the tendency to hypertension in two people with an almost identical lifestyle can be quite different. Therefore, a genetic test is often useful and can help to identify risks early on and counteract them.

How our Hypertension Sensor works

As part of our Hypertension Sensor, our laboratory performs a comprehensive analysis. Four genetic variations are examined in the sample sent to us, which can promote the development of high blood pressure.

This makes it possible to assess the patient’s individual risk and whether appropriate countermeasures are required.

Once the analysis has been completed, we prepare a detailed report with all relevant results, including an evaluation of the effects of more than 65 drugs. In addition, our evaluation contains concrete recommendations for prevention.

In this way, our Hypertension Sensor can help patients detect high blood pressure as early as possible and take appropriate countermeasures if necessary.

The Hypertension Sensor at a glance:

  • Investigation of 4 relevant genetic variations
  • Determination of the individual risk for high blood pressure
  • Analysis of the effects of more than 65 relevant drugs
  • Reliable test procedure in our laboratory
  • Written report with all results
  • Individual recommendations for prevention

Further information can be foundhere.

Are you interested in a demo report?

After a successful analysis, we summarize the individual results in a detailed result report. You will also find information on the analyzed genes and the underlying science in this demo.

We would be happy to send you the demo report. Just send us an email with the name of the analysis.