Optimierung der epigenetischen Programmierung

Epigenetics Information

The Epigenetics Information report contains valuable tips for optimizing epigenetic programming.

Good and bad genes

Epigenetic programming determines to what extent a particular gene is active or inactive. Ideally, epigenetic programming ensures that potentially bad genes are deactivated with a coating so that positive genes can work optimally.

However, an unhealthy lifestyle can lead to an increase in the activation of harmful genes and the deactivation of positive genes. Also, gene activity becomes increasingly inaccurate with age and negative genes slowly but surely gain the upper hand.

Optimization of epigenetic programming

One’s own lifestyle can specifically influence epigenetic programming. Positive genes can be activated, and negative genes deactivated.

It makes it possible to counteract aging to a certain extent and improve health and well-being.

Our Epigenetics Information Report

The report contains scientifically sound information on the topic of epigenetics as well as concrete recommendations for optimizing epigenetic programming.

In this way, our Epigenetics information, which can be optionally ordered with our gene analyses, can make a valuable contribution to a longer and healthier life.

Epigenetic Information at a glance:

  • Scientific information on epigenetics
  • Recommendations for optimization of epigenetic programming
  • Can be ordered as an option for any genetic analysis

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