A healthy bowel is indispensable

A functioning intestine is of crucial importance for your health. It is colonized by countless bacteria, which are necessary as so-called microbiomes for the digestion of food and the absorption of nutrients via the intestinal walls.

At the same time, the intestine is an essential component of the human immune system. Therefore, imbalances in the microbiome can not only cause various digestive problems but also lead to a dangerous nutrient deficiency. In addition, they also weaken the immune system and thus increase susceptibility to disease.

When intestinal health should be checked

Given their great importance, it is generally helpful for all people to keep an eye on intestinal health. However, at the latest with real complaints, such as recurring flatulence, diarrhea, frequent infections, or food intolerances, action definitely should be taken.

In these cases, the exact causes of existing problems can often be identified by analyzing the microbiome. This helps to effectively counteract complaints and significantly increase the well-being of those affected.

How the Microbiome Sensor Works

As part of our Microbiome Sensor, our laboratory performs an extensive analysis of the sample obtained. Among other things, we check the balance between good and bad intestinal bacteria.

We also check whether absorption disorders prevent proper nutrient uptake, whether permeable intestinal walls can lead to problems, or whether the intestine is infected with harmful yeasts.

After a successful analysis of the sample, we prepare a comprehensive written evaluation in which we present all test results. The report shows exactly where problems exist and what measures should be taken to eliminate them.

In this way, the Microbiome Sensor can make a valuable contribution to improving intestinal health and help those affected to get existing complaints under control.

The Microbiome Sensor at a glance:

  • Analysis of the microbiome in the intestine
  • Checking for possible intestinal dysbiosis
  • Test for bacterial miscolonisation and fungal infections
  • Control of intestinal permeability
  • Reliable test procedure in our laboratory
  • Detailed written evaluation of results
  • Individual recommendations for action based on the findings

Are you interested in a demo report?

After a successful analysis, we summarize the individual results in a detailed result report. You will also find information on the analyzed genes and the underlying science in this demo.

We would be happy to send you the demo report. Just send us an email with the name of the analysis.

➤ keyaccount@novogenia.com