A functioning metabolism is indispensable

The Metabolism comprises the totality of the chemical and physical processes involved in the transformation of chemical substances in the body. A functioning metabolism is essential for the proper functionality of the organism.

Metabolic disorders can lead to numerous complaints, such as discomfort, reduced performance, digestive problems, joint pain, and impaired ability to regenerate.

Identifying and correcting the causes of problems

Problems can have many origins and can be caused by general metabolic disorders or a lack of essential micronutrients and amino acids.

Monitoring of the metabolism and an individual adaptation of the nutrient supply to personal needs is particularly important for competitive athletes, within the framework of diets or for people under high stress. In principle, however, monitoring helps all people with early detection and optimal nutrient intake, thus improving their health.

How the Micronutrient Sensor works

For our micronutrient sensor, our laboratory performs an extensive analysis of the sample sent in. We check the supply with a total of 17 different vitamins and minerals, as well as 11 amino acids.
In addition, we analyze important metabolic functions concerning disorders and the detoxification ability of the test person’s body.

After the successful completion of all tests, we prepare a comprehensive analysis of the results. The report shows in detail in which areas there are problems and how these can be solved by adjusting the supply of nutrients.

In this way, the Micronutrient Sensor can effectively help to eliminate metabolic disorders and nutrient deficiencies as well as the associated complaints and decisively improve the well-being of those affected.

The Micronutrient Sensor at a glance:

  • Analysis of the supply of 17 vitamins and minerals
  • Analysis of the quantity of 11 amino acids
  • Verification of critical metabolic functions
  • Examination of detoxification ability
  • Reliable test execution in our laboratory
  • Detailed written evaluation of the results
  • Individual recommendations for action based on the findings

Are you interested in a demo report?

After a successful analysis, we summarize the individual results in a detailed result report. You will also find information on the analyzed genes and the underlying science in this demo.

We would be happy to send you the demo report. Just send us an email with the name of the analysis.

➤ keyaccount@novogenia.com


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