Nutrition Sensor

The Nutrition Sensor checks which foods are healthy and which should be avoided by analyzing nutritionally relevant genes.

General dietary recommendations often have weaknesses

It is no secret that a balanced diet plays a vital role in health and that unhealthy foods can cause considerable damage in the long run. However, it is hardly possible to make general dietary recommendations that are perfect for everyone.

After all, what is healthy for one person may cause significant problems for another and may even encourage the development of diseases. The reason for these individual differences lies in the genes.

Nutrigenetics enables optimal nutrition

It is now known that numerous genetic variations affect nutritional needs. This becomes clear, for example, with known metabolic problems such as lactose or gluten intolerance, but is also important for a variety of other possible complaints.

This area of genetics is called nutrigenetics. Nutrigenetics makes it possible to optimize individual nutrition by analyzing nutritionally relevant genes. This can help to identify potential metabolic problems and significantly improve health.

How the Nutrition Sensor works

As part of our Nutrition Sensor, our laboratory performs a comprehensive genetic analysis. We examine the sample with regard to more than 50 genetic variations and their effects on about 20 common metabolic problems.

In this way, we obtain important information about individual strengths and weaknesses that influence the utilization of different nutrients and should be taken into account when selecting the right foods.

After the successful completion of the analysis, we summarise the results in a detailed report. The written evaluation explains in detail where nutritionally relevant genes can lead to problems and how these can be evaluated in their entirety.

Based on the test results, we give concrete recommendations for more than 900 foods so that the Nutrition Sensor can reliably optimize individual nutrition from a health point of view.

The Nutrition Sensor at a glance:

  • Comprehensive analysis of nutrition-relevant genes
  • Verification of the effects on common metabolic problems
  • Reliable test procedure in our laboratory
  • A detailed evaluation of the test results
  • Individual recommendations for a healthy diet

Further information can be found here.

Are you interested in a demo report?

After a successful analysis, we summarize the individual results in a detailed result report. You will also find information on the analyzed genes and the underlying science in this demo.

We would be happy to send you the demo report. Just send us an email with the name of the analysis.