Personalized Nutritional Supplementation According to the Genes

NutriMe Complete

For optimum effectiveness, the micronutrients in NutriMe Complete are individually composed for each customer based on a genetic analysis. *

How the genes influence the nutrient requirements

The genes not only have a considerable influence on the required amount of macronutrients but also the individual micronutrient requirements. A well-founded recommendation that is just right for one person can possibly lead to a deficiency or oversupply in another person.

For a needs-based supply of micronutrients such as minerals and trace elements, it is therefore essential to take relevant genetic factors into account in the composition of a vitamin preparation. There is no such thing as a balanced dietary supplement for everyone.

For this reason, we analyze more than 50 genes for our nutritional supplement NutriMe  Complete, which, according to studies, have an influence on the metabolism of micronutrients and thus play a role in the need for nutrients.

Personalized Nutritional Supplementation on a New Level

NutriMe Complete is produced individually for each customer. The nutrients contained in the product are precisely adapted to requirements with the help of a genetic analysis carried out in advance and divided into practical daily rations.

In this way, NutriMe Complete ensures an optimum supply of essential vitamins, minerals, trace elements, and secondary plant substances and reliably prevents a potentially harmful over- or under-supply of the various nutrients.

Our personalized supplement NutriMe Complete is manufactured to the highest standards in our own production facility in Salzburg, Austria.

Further information can be found here.

NutriMe Complete contains only High-Quality Raw Materials

When selecting the raw materials used in NutriMe Complete, we place great emphasis on quality. Where possible, we give preference to biological sources of micronutrients and fillers.

The micro transporters themselves consist of indigestible vegetable fibers and starch from corn. We obtain the important nutrient calcium, for example, from calcified algae that are cultivated in particularly clean waters in Iceland.

Our biological magnesium is filtered from seawater, and lutein is extracted from chard. Our phytosterols come from soybeans, while for lycopene, we use tomatoes as a vegetable source.

Pharmaceutically Produced Micronutrients as a Supplement

Some of the active ingredients we need do not exist in the right form in nature. In these cases, we use pharmaceutically manufactured micronutrients to ensure that our customers get the best possible efficacy from their NutriMe Complete nutritional supplement.

In addition, synthetically manufactured micronutrients remain stable for longer and are particularly pure so that we can keep the total volume of the individualized dietary supplement low.

It goes without saying that our synthetically produced raw materials are also characterized by first-class quality. Depending on the individual micronutrient mix, NutriMe Complete contains approximately 90 percent organically produced raw materials, and 10 percent pharmaceutically produced raw materials.

NutriMe is:


Our Micro Transporter Technology Increases the Effectiveness

The micronutrients contained in our NutriMe Complete dietary supplement are packed into small hard pellets by us. These micro transporters enable us to mix any micronutrient formula quickly and very accurately.

In addition, the nutrients remain stable for a more extended period of time compared to liquid preparations or powdered form, as they are better protected from oxygen by the hard packaging in the micro transporters.

Optimized Absorption of the Micronutrients

However, the use of micro transporters has another major advantage. This is because it ensures a delayed release of the micronutrients contained in the product.

On the one hand, this allows for an optimal nutrient uptake distributed throughout the day and, on the other hand, prevents various problems associated with the intake of conventional food supplements.

All-day Supply of Micronutrients

Conventional food supplements provide the body with a large dose at once. However, since many micronutrients are broken down very quickly, this often prevents an optimal effect.

With the help of our micro transporters, on the other hand, an all-day supply is possible because the micronutrients contained in the supplements are gradually released in small doses.

No Absorption Blockage thanks to the spatially separated Release

Certain micronutrients, such as zinc and calcium, use the same absorption channels in the intestine and can, therefore, block each other. This can be avoided by the spatially separated release of small amounts from different micro transporters.

Combined Ingredients for Optimal Absorption Properties

Some micronutrients also support each other in their absorption. We take advantage of this by packing calcium and vitamin D, for example, into the same micro transporters, thus promoting optimal absorption.

Exact Dosage Thanks to the Practical Day Pack

The micronutrient mixture, individually composed for each customer, is filled into practical day packs. In this way, an exact dosage of the daily intake is always guaranteed and over- or undersupply can be reliably avoided.

The daily bags are packed in a high-quality dispenser. One delivery lasts for 90 days. Depending on the quantity ordered, shipping for the following period is automatic. Alternatively, manual reordering is possible at any time.

How to Take our NutriMe Complete Micronutrients

Taking NutriMe Complete is uncomplicated. After opening the pack containing the daily dose by hand or with scissors, the pellets can be swallowed easily with a sip of water.

Alternatively, it is also possible to mix the daily ration with yogurt and take it in this way. However, care should be taken to ensure that the tasteless pellets are not chewed up, so as not to impair the absorption properties of the micronutrients they contain.

NutriMe Complete Adapts

Anyone who has been taking NutriMe Complete for some time may have noticed that the composition of the food supplement changes from time to time.

There are, of course, good reasons for this, and it is merely because we adapt the formula to the changing needs of the user as well as new scientific findings, if necessary.

If new ingredients appear in the composition of the dietary supplement or the quantity of the sachets has changed, this may be due to the following reasons, among others:

Additional Personalization Options for NutriMe Complete

Our nutritional supplement NutriMe Complete can be adapted to any recipe. Even adjustments in the milligram range are no problem for us.

We can use various information to determine the ideal mixture. The more details we are provided with, for example, by answering the questionnaire, the more precisely we can adjust the dose of micronutrients to the customer’s needs.

The composition of NutriMe Complete can be personalized using the following information:

Please note: The statements on the effect of gene variations are based on currently available scientific studies, which can be found in the Science section and various reports. It is possible that our scientific understanding of these genes will improve over time and, therefore, our interpretations of genetic results are updated continuously to reflect the latest scientific findings. It is theoretically possible (but very unlikely) that new science will be published that may prove some of our earlier interpretations wrong. For this reason, the genetic statements are continuously updated to reflect the latest scientific findings. Some of our recommendations and programs are based on logical conclusions such as: "According to the genes, a person is fat sensitive, so we recommend a fat-reduced diet based on this." This consistent application of the knowledge of a genetic predisposition is sufficient for many users. Critics, however, often demand scientific studies that additionally prove, for example, that persons to whom this fat-reduced diet was recommended based on a genetic result had an added value as a result. These studies do not fall under the typical basic research that universities would carry out, so in some areas, they are not yet available and/or still under investigation. For this reason, we would like to point out that although there are many successful experience reports and scientific evidence that these action programs provide added value, this has not yet been scientifically proven. For a more detailed explanation of the science, please follow this link.