Personalized Calorie Blockers According to the Genes

NutriMe Weight Management

For optimum effectiveness, the composition of NutriMe Weight Management is individually composed for each customer on the basis of genetic analysis.*

How Genes Influence the Absorption of Nutrients

Obesity is a widespread problem in almost all industrialized countries. The range of weight loss aids is correspondingly broad. Especially calorie blockers are in high demand because they promise fast assistance on the way to the desired weight.
What sounds good in theory, however, only works to a limited extent in practice. This is because genes have a decisive influence on the absorption of fats and carbohydrates from food.

While excess dietary fats are simply excreted in some people, in others, they are absorbed and stored. Similarly, carbohydrates do not have the same effect on all people when they lose weight.

If a calorie blocker is to actually achieve the desired effect, this fact must be taken into account in its composition. Otherwise, the product will only cost the user money unnecessarily, without any noticeable impact on the progress of weight loss.

What Makes NutriMe Weight Management so Unique

  • The individual mixture of active ingredients based on the genes improves effectiveness
  • The calorie blocker is manufactured according to high production standards in Austria.
  • High-quality biological raw materials ensure optimal compatibility.
  • Filling the product into practical portion bags makes it particularly easy to take.

Personalized Calorie Blockers for Optimal Slimming Results

Today we know that several genes play a role in the absorption of fats and carbohydrates. That’s why we tailor the composition of our calorie blocker NutriMe Weight Management to each individual customer.

To determine the right combination of active ingredients, we first analyze the relevant genes of the customer. This enables us to produce a personalized calorie blocker, the intake of which optimally supports weight reduction.

More information

The Fat Blocker Chitosan

Chitosan is a fat blocker made from the shells of shellfish. The active ingredient influences the absorption of dietary fats in the intestines and thus helps to keep blood fat levels at a healthy level.

The Carbohydrate Blocker Phaseolamine

Phaseolamine is an active ingredient found in white beans. As a carbohydrate blocker, it inhibits the enzyme alpha-amylase, which handles breaking down carbohydrates. In this way, Phaseolamine can reduce the absorption of carbohydrates from food.

High Standards in Our In-House Production

It is always important for us to be able to offer our customers products of impeccable quality. For this reason, the production of our calorie blocker NutriMe Weight Management takes place exclusively in our own production facility in Salzburg, Austria.

There, all production steps are strictly monitored, and the individual ratio of fat and carbohydrate blockers is carefully filled into convenient portion sachets for each customer.

The genetic analysis required in advance is carried out in our own laboratory. Our customers can, therefore, rely not only on a high-quality calorie blocker but also on reliable protection of their sensitive genetic data.

NutriMe Weight Management Contains Only High-Quality Raw Materials

NutriMe Weight Management consists exclusively of high-quality natural raw materials. The calorie blocker contains no artificial additives such as colorings or preservatives. In this way, we can guarantee excellent tolerance of the food supplement.

NutriMe Weight Management is:

NutriMe Weight Management is not suitable for vegetarians and vegans due to the use of beeswax to mask the taste and the use of chitosan from shellfish

Calorie Blocker in Practical Single-dose Sachets

To be able to develop its effect as a calorie blocker, NutriMe Weight Management must be taken regularly. For this reason, it was important to make taking it as pleasant and uncomplicated as possible.

The active ingredients contained in NutriMe Weight Management are packed in innovative micro transporters. These are small pellets that are packed in practical single-dose bags.

We recommend taking the calorie blocker daily before lunch and dinner with a large sip of water. The tasteless micro transporters should not be chewed but simply swallowed.

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Please note: The statements on the effect of gene variations are based on currently available scientific studies, which can be found in the Science section and various reports. It is possible that our scientific understanding of these genes will improve over time and, therefore, our interpretations of genetic results are updated continuously to reflect the latest scientific findings. It is theoretically possible (but very unlikely) that new science will be published that may prove some of our earlier interpretations wrong. For this reason, the genetic statements are continuously updated to reflect the latest scientific findings. Some of our recommendations and programs are based on logical conclusions such as: "According to the genes, a person is fat sensitive, so we recommend a fat-reduced diet based on this." This consistent application of the knowledge of a genetic predisposition is sufficient for many users. Critics, however, often demand scientific studies that additionally prove, for example, that persons to whom this fat-reduced diet was recommended based on a genetic result had an added value as a result. These studies do not fall under the typical basic research that universities would carry out, so in some areas, they are not yet available and/or still under investigation. For this reason, we would like to point out that although there are many successful experience reports and scientific evidence that these action programs provide added value, this has not yet been scientifically proven. For a more detailed explanation of the science, please follow this link.