Current Press Articles about Novogenia

As the market leader in our industry, we work every day to improve our range of lifestyle-diagnostic gene analyses and personalized dietary supplements and cosmetic products.

In everything we do, we always aim to provide the highest possible benefit to our customers for our genetic analyses and the users of our high-quality products and to provide them with the best possible support in health care and the improvement of their general well-being.

Our innovative developments repeatedly attract the attention of the press, which regularly reports on us. In the following, you will find a selection of current press articles in which you can get a picture of Novogenia and our work.

Healthcare, Lifescienses and & Review

Fall 2017

Interview with Daniel Wallerstorfer


Replica Vedetelor

Fall 2016


MyBodyGuide – Magazin

Eiweiss for fit

Fall 2016

High Protein. Low Carb. High Carb? Die richtige Ernährungsweise herausfinden.

Eiweiss for fit – Magazin


January 2016 – Urbanes Leben für Fortgeschrittene

GEN – ANALYSE: Warum u.a. meine Diäten für die Katz waren! RESTART yourself
Uwe Große-Wortmann

Frölunds Hockey Clubs Magazine

 2 2015/2016

Tre topps för attma toppen
Per Csongrádi


Le Deluxe Mallorca

Summer 2015

»Die neue „Generation Gesundheit”«
Birgit Unger

Le Deluxe Mallorca – Magazin

OM & Ernährung

Fall 2014 – Ausgabe Nr. 149

»Wir sind kein Schicksal unserer Gene!
Orthomolekulare Medizin und Genetik.«
Von Dr. med. Rainer Schroth

In Style

Mai 2017

In Style – Artikel

Doctoruj zilei Magazine

Fall 2016


Doctoruj Zilei- Magazin

Health Magazine

Herbst 2016


Ok! Body and Soul – Magazin

Le Deluxe Mallorca

Summer 2016

»It’s in your DNA. Das neue IT-Wort heißt Nutrigenetik«
Birgit Unger

Le Deluxe Mallorca – Magazin