Toxo Sensor

The Toxo Sensor provides information on how the body can neutralize harmful substances and how detoxification can be optimized.

Pollutants strain the body

Every day, the human body is exposed to a multitude of different pollutants. These include, for example, heavy metals such as lead and mercury, chemicals such as pesticides, and exhaust fumes from cars.stizide oder auch Abgase von Autos.

It is essential for your health that the body can filter out all these pollutants and excrete them from the organism. Problems with detoxification can sooner or later cause massive damage and lead to severe illnesses.

Individual differences in detoxification ability

Not everyone reacts the same way to pollutants. What can cause severe discomfort to one person may not be a significant problem for another. To avoid adverse effects of the pollutants on the body, it is therefore helpful to know the individual’s genetic detoxification ability.

For this purpose, an analysis of the genes relevant for detoxification is required. The knowledge gained can then be used, for example, to increase the intake of certain micronutrients so that detoxification processes are optimally supported.

This is how the Toxo Sensor works

For our Toxo Sensor, we examine the sent in sample in our laboratory. We analyze genetic variations that play a role in detoxification and provide information on how well the body can dissipate pollutants.

In this way, we can see where there are weaknesses in detoxification and where poor lifestyle habits can harm a person.

After a successful analysis, we summarize all results in a detailed written report. In addition to the test results, this report also contains individual recommendations for action.

Thus the Toxo Sensor can effectively help to optimize the detoxification of the body and to counteract health damage caused by the accumulation of harmful substances.

The Toxo Sensor at a glance:

  • Analysis of the ten genes relevant for detoxification
  • Reliable examination by our laboratory
  • Written evaluation of the analysis results
  • Tips for reducing pollutant pollution
  • Individual nutritional recommendations for a functioning detoxification

toxo sensor demo

←Download the sample report

After a successful analysis, we summarize the individual results in a detailed result report – similar to the one shown in this demo.

You will also find information on the analyzed genes and the underlying science in this demo.

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