We Bring Software Development and Genetics Together

When it comes to topics such as health care and nutrition, generally valid recommendations are often useless. This is because genes play a significant role in this process and ultimately decide what is useful for each individual.

Only with the help of a gene analysis are you able to offer each customer products such as diet programs or food supplements that are individually tailored to their needs. If you want to provide your customers with real added value in this way, then you have come to the right place to realize your project idea with us.

Because Novogenia’s human genetics laboratory is one of Europe’s leading institutions in this field, you can, therefore, be sure that we not only take technical aspects into account during development but also that the field of genetics is implemented with the necessary seriousness and care.

Flexible Custom Software Development

We are specialists in software development and automation. With our team of more than ten experienced developers, we are able to implement even unusual and complex projects reliably.

Be it a password-protected portal, a website for your product, a nutrition program on a genetic basis, or even a mobile genetics app – there are almost no limits to your wishes.

Some Examples of our Work as Software and Web Developers

Deep Genome A.I.

Deep Genome A.I. uses artificial intelligence to automatically read and store information from scientific work in the field of genetics. This makes the development of new, gene-based products 50 times faster and significantly easier.

Rootine Vitamins

Rootine Vitamins is one of the leading suppliers of personalized vitamin products in the USA. The company creates an individual micronutrient mix for each customer based on lifestyle, genetics and blood levels.

Novogenia ISO Manager

The document management system contains all information and work instructions required to maintain our high-quality standards.

Geno Academy

The Geno Academy is an online training platform on the subject of genetics. The portal offers participants comprehensive information that enables them to advise customers in the field of genetics and answer questions.


DNA4YOU is a beauty program where customers receive cosmetic products tailored to their personal care needs. Each individual mixture of active ingredients is put together based on a previously conducted genetic analysis.

Biogenia App

The mobile app helps health-conscious people take responsibility for their health and optimize factors such as sport, nutrition, and sleep quality based on their individual needs.

Novogenia Customer-Dashboard

The dashboard allows our customers to access their analysis results securely and conveniently online.

Benefit from our Know-How

Over the years, we have realized numerous projects for our customers. We, therefore, know exactly what is important in software development and which factors decide on success or failure.

We look forward to contributing our experience to the implementation of your project and to supporting you with our know-how to bring your idea to the big time.

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