About us
Groundbreaking Biotechnology – Made in Austria

From the heart of Salzburg, an innovative pioneer is setting new standards in the world of nutrigenetics and preventive gene research. 

Since our start in 2009, Novogenia has made it its mission to unleash the immense potential of genetics to enhance people’s lives with tailored health solutions.

With an ultra-modern 4000m² laboratory and production facility, supported by a passionate team of 250 experts, we offer not just personalized dietary supplements and cosmetics, but also groundbreaking insights for diagnosis and prevention. In partnership with companies of all sizes, we strive to transform the health market and ensure that everyone can experience the benefits of personalized medicine. At Novogenia, we are shaping the future of healthcare for the coming generations.

Genetische Diagnostik Labor


Provide innovative biotechnological solutions and personalized health interventions. Fueled by high-quality research, advanced technologies, and a values-driven corporate culture, we aim for continuous growth through organic expansion, targeted acquisitions, investments, and the establishment of in-house startups.
As a subsidiary of Darwin AG, Novogenia leverages synergies within the group to enhance efficiency, accelerate research, and development projects, and contribute to the dynamic force that Darwin AG represents in the biotechnology sector.


Our vision is to drive innovations in the field of biotechnology and personalized health solutions. We rely on high-quality research, advanced technologies, and a values-driven corporate culture. Our success is reflected in our continuous growth, achieved both organically and through targeted acquisitions, investments, and the founding of in-house startups.

Management Team

Dr. Daniel Wallerstorfer
Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Stands at the helm of the company and has significantly contributed to the vision and mission of the company. Under his leadership, the company has developed into an industry leader.

Michael Huttegger 
Chief Operating Officer

Ensures the smooth operation of business processes and is responsible for the operational excellence of the company. His commitment ensures that the company operates efficiently and effectively.

Matthias Probst
Chief Financial Officer

Matthias is one of the founders of Novogenia GmbH. He is responsible for the finances of these and other companies in the Darwin Group. This ensures that the companies have a solid financial foundation to support their operational development.

A part of DARWIN AG 
As a subsidiary of Darwin AG, we benefit from synergies within the group, enabling us to use our 
resources more efficiently and accelerate our research and development projects. Since its IPO on the 
Munich Stock Exchange in 2019, Darwin AG has established itself as a dynamic force in the 
biotechnology sector.

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