High-quality Food Supplements from Austria

Due to our ultra-modern production process, we can offer you inexpensive contract manufacturing of food supplements with your desired mixture from an order quantity of one piece.

In the following, we would like to give you an overview of our offer as a contract manufacturer for dietary supplements as well as the possibilities of cooperation.

Contract Manufacturing of your Dietary Supplements even just one Unit

Thanks to the use of pellets and small tablets, we can offer you contract manufacturing of food supplements from a production quantity of one piece.

As a contract manufacturer for food supplements, we can put together any desired mixture of common vitamins, minerals, and secondary plant substances for you within a few days.

Simply tell us which micronutrients should be contained in your product and in what quantity and let us take over the contract filling of your very personal dietary supplement.

On request, we will also be happy to provide product packaging with your individual logo and address.

This offer is suitable for:
  • End customers who want a dietary supplement with a specific composition
  • Alternative practitioners or nutritionists who want to sell their own micronutrient mix without start-up costs
  • Physicians who wish to prescribe a particular micronutrient mixture to their patients as part of their therapy

Contract Manufacturing for Personalized Food Supplements

Do you have an offer where you would like to provide each customer with a micronutrient mixture tailored to their individual needs? Then use us for the contract manufacturing of your personalized dietary supplement.

Whether you rely on questionnaires, medical history, a blood test, or any other system is entirely up to you. Just tell us the desired composition for the respective customer, and we will do the contract filling for you.

Of course, you can offer the dietary supplements we produce under your own name. The resulting additional costs are extremely low.

For whom this offer is suitable:
  • Innovative companies who would like to offer their customers personalized dietary supplements (also as a private label on request) in premium quality.

Contract Manufacturer for Food Supplements in Bulk

Of course, our capacities as a contract manufacturer for food supplements are not limited to individualized products or small quantities.

Alternatively, we are also able to take over the contract manufacturing of your dietary supplements with standardized composition in large quantities.

Simply tell us which micronutrients your product should contain and in what quantity, and we will take over the filling for you.

Of course, we will be happy to realize such a project as a private label food supplement under your own brand.

For whom this offer is suitable:
  • Companies looking for a reliable partner for the contract manufacturing of their dietary supplements with a specific formulation
  • Companies that want to offer large quantities of micronutrients in easy-to-take daily doses

Innovative Micro Transporters for more Flexibility

Unlike most other contract manufacturers of dietary supplements, we do not offer encapsulation of products. Instead, we specialize in the production of pellets (micro transporters) and tiny tablets with a diameter of less than five millimeters.

This approach allows us maximum flexibility in the contract manufacturing of your dietary supplements. Our innovative pellet technology enables us to individually assemble even the smallest production batches without incurring high additional costs for you.

In addition, the production in the form of pellets guarantees a particularly high bioavailability of the micro-nutrients contained as well as the lowest possible volume. This makes the intake of our food supplements particularly effective and pleasant.

Contract Filling in Practical Daily Packs

To ensure the exact dosage, we fill your micronutrient mixture into practical daily packs. If desired, we can label them with a two-line text, such as the order number and the name of the customer.

We then pack the bags in a high-quality dispenser from which the daily dose can be easily taken. For your private label food supplement, we can also provide you with a dispenser with an individualized design.

In the case of contract manufacturing of food supplements in larger quantities, the development of entirely new packaging material is also conceivable.

Novogenia Stands for the Highest Production Standards

It is important to us to always offer our customers the best possible quality. The contract manufacturing of your nutritional supplements is carried out in our factory in Austria using the latest technologies on a production area of around 1,500 m².

You can, therefore, be sure that we, as a contract manufacturer of dietary supplements, adhere to the highest standards and that you will receive only premium quality products from us, regardless of the quantity ordered.

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High-quality Raw Materials for your Product

The quality of a food supplement stands and falls with the quality of the raw materials used in its manufacture. This is particularly true for micronutrients, which can either be pharmaceutically produced or obtained from biological sources.

Micronutrients from Biological Sources

Micronutrients from biological sources, such as magnesium from special algae, are characterized by particularly good bioavailability. Furthermore, they are generally better tolerated.

However, they contain comparatively small amounts of the particular micronutrient, which requires a larger volume and makes it more difficult to take them as a food supplement depending on the desired dosage.

Pharmaceutically Produced Micronutrients

Pharmaceutically produced micronutrients are very pure, which makes dosing particularly easy and accurate. They also have a longer shelf life. In addition, they are usually in higher doses, which allows the volume of the finished food supplement to be reduced.

However, synthetically produced micronutrients often have lower bioavailability. This means that the body is less able to utilize the vitamins and minerals it absorbs.

We Combine the Advantages of Both Manufacturing Processes

To be able to offer you and your customers the best possible product, we combine the advantages of both production processes in the contract manufacturing of your food supplements.

About 80 percent of the micronutrients contained in our food supplements come from biological sources and about 20 percent from pharmaceutical production.

You Can Choose from these Micronutrients for your Product


Vitamin ARetinyl acetate
Vitamin B2Riboflavin
Vitamin B6Pyridoxine Hydrochloride
Vitamin B9Methyl Folatefolic acid
Vitamin B12MethylcobalaminCyanocobalamin
Vitamin CAscorbic acid
Vitamin E α-TEdl-alpha Tocopherol Acetate


Calcium Calcium carbonate
IronIron Bisglycinate
CopperCopper Sulphate
MagnesiumMagnesium Citrate
ManganeseManganese Sulphate
SeleniumSodium Selenite
ZincZinc Citrate

Food Supplements

Alpha-lipoic acidAlpha-lipoic acid
Coenzyme Q10
Coenzyme Q10

Contract Manufacturing of Cosmetics

In addition to food supplements, we also offer contract manufacturing of individual cosmetic products. We can provide serums or body lotions with specific active ingredients in the dosage you require.

As long as the specifications are within our parameters and the necessary raw materials are part of our product range, the production and dispatch of such a product are possible within a few days.

Learn more about the production of cosmetics here
For whom this offer is suitable:
  • Companies and individuals who want a cosmetic product with a specific composition in very small quantities
  • Beauty salons that want to offer their customers their own series without high start-up costs and in a short time