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Novogenia is a company based in Austria specializing in the field of personalized nutritional supplements. With a clear focus on innovation and scientific research, Novogenia employs cutting-edge blood and genetic analyses to gain deep insights into the individual needs of each customer. These analyses enable the company to identify specific deficiencies or excesses in micronutrients, which can be balanced through a tailored combination of vitamins, minerals, and secondary plant compounds.

This approach sets Novogenia apart from traditional nutritional supplement manufacturers, as it offers much more targeted and individualized support. Customers receive not just a product, but a holistic experience based on their specific health requirements and goals. This leads not only to better health support but also to increased efficiency of the consumed supplements, as they are precisely tailored to the needs of the individual. It is a fusion of advanced science, high-quality ingredients, and the pursuit of offering the best to each individual.

What Makes Novogenia Products so Special

Manufacture of Dietary Supplements

Dietary supplements are products that provide the body with additional micronutrients such as vitamins, minerals, or secondary plant compounds. They can supplement the diet, promote health, or alleviate certain ailments. However, not every dietary supplement is equally suitable for every individual. This is because the need for micronutrients depends on many factors, such as age, gender, health status, or genetics.

This means that Novogenia creates an individual product for each customer, tailored precisely to their needs and desires. To achieve this, Novogenia utilizes various analyses, such as blood or genetic analyses, which provide information about the micronutr ient status and genetic characteristics of the customer. Based on these results, a personal formula is compiled from common micronutrients, ensuring optimal supply for the customer.

The production of personalized dietary supplements takes place in a modern facility in Salzburg, Austria. Here, high-quality raw materials from organic sources are used, which offer high bioavailability and good tolerability. The raw materials are encapsulated in so-called microtransporters, which consist of indigestible plant fibers and cornstarch. These micro-transporters protect the micronutrients from external influences and allow for a delayed release in the intestine, ensuring a continuous supply throughout the day. 

Novogenia’s dietary supplements are doping-free and are manufactured under the highest quality and safety standards. They can be ordered by both private individuals and professional athletes. Novogenia also offers comprehensive consultation and support to its customers, assisting them in selecting and using their products.

How The Personalized Production Works

1. Microencapsulation of active ingredients
At the start of our process, we source active ingredients from selected manufacturers to guarantee the highest quality. These ingredients first undergo various quality tests to confirm their purity and effectiveness. For further examinations, we retain samples for laboratory analysis. The approved raw materials are then mixed with natural fillers and processed into a dough, a technology we proudly call our invention. This dough is pressed into spaghetti shapes using our self-built extruders under an immense force of 9 tons. The spaghetti then goes into our vortex machine, which transforms them into small pellets. Finally, the pellets are vacuum-dried and sprayed with wax to optimally preserve the taste. Before leaving the production house, the finished batches undergo numerous quality tests again and, upon passing, are released for the next step.
2. Determining nutrient requirements
To provide each individual with the best nutritional supplements, we use various methods to determine nutrient requirements. One of these is an optional genetic analysis, which examines more than 60 genes. This allows us to determine which nutrients are ineffective, harmful, or
needed in higher doses for the individual. As an alternative or complement to genetic analysis, we offer a blood analysis that identifies deficiencies or excesses of nutrients in the blood. In addition, customers have the option to fill out a detailed questionnaire that takes into account dietary habits, such as a vegan diet.
3. Determining the formula
Using the collected biological data and an advanced algorithm, we determine the individual nutrient needs of each customer. Analyzing 60 genes can generate more than 700 trillion different outcomes, making each blend a true one-of-a-kind.
4. Creating a personalized blend
Once the individual formula is determined, it is fed into our specially developed personalization device. This device has 32 chambers, each containing a specific type of pellet. Depending on the recipe, the exact amounts of different pellet types are weighed and dispensed, resulting in a unique mix of approximately 1.5 kilograms of different pellets.
5. Mixing and packaging 
The personalized blend then moves to our innovative packaging machine. At a rapid pace, a daily dose is taken from the mix and packed into practical daily sachets. These sachets are personalized with the customer’s name and then placed in a handy dispenser . The dispenser is finally labeled with a special label and the exact ingredient information.
6. Delivery 
After the packaging process is completed, the finished product is sent directly from our production facility to the end customer, ensuring freshness and quality.

High-Quality Raw Materials

To ensure the optimal effectiveness of our micronutrient mixtures, our raw materials and their suppliers must meet high-quality standards. Whenever possible, we prefer raw materials from biological sources for the production of our food supplements. This is because these usually have a higher bioavailability. They are also often better tolerated. However, the amount of the respective micronutrient contained in biological extracts is often comparatively small, which requires a larger volume of the finished product to achieve the desired dosage. In addition, some micronutrients from biological sources are not available in the correct form. For this reason, we also rely at least partially on pharmaceutically produced raw materials.

Organic raw materials

For our dietary supplements, we prefer, whenever possible, micronutrients from organic sources. These are often better tolerated and have a high bioavailability, meaning they can be well absorbed and utilized by the body. An example is calcium from special algae. However, a downside is that these sources usually offer a lower concentration of the specific nutrient, requiring a larger end product volume for the desired dosage. 

Pharmaceutical raw materials

For certain applications, we use pharmaceutically produced micronutrients. These offer the advantages of higher dosage and purity, allowing for precise blends. They are also more stable than their organic counterparts. A criticism, however, is their potent ially lower bioavailability.


Our combination strategy

Our goal is to offer our customers the best of both worlds. Therefore, we combine the advantages of both manufacturing processes in our products. The result: A dietary supplement that consists of about 80 percent organic and 20 percent pharmaceutical ingredients. This ratio may vary depending on the specific formula. Ultimately, we ensure optimal effectiveness and highest quality in each of our products, regardless of their specific composition


In the world of dietary supplements, consumers often face a plethora of options. Powders, pills, capsules, and liquids are just some of the conventional forms. However, Novogenia has chosen an innovative approach and opted for the use of microtransporters.
Microtransporters are small, 1.6mm pellets made of indigestible plant fibers and cornstarch. Their main purpose is to encapsulate and protect nutrients. Our microtransporters are tasteless and can be coated with a stomach acid-resistant layer or overlaid with beeswax to improve their texture. Each microtransporter can contain a specific nutrient in an exact concentration, protecting it from environmental factors like light, oxygen, and other reactive substances.

Location-dependent delivery for more efficient absorption

Our microtransporters are specially designed to keep substances that could potentially interfere with each other during absorption separate. For instance, calcium is released at a specific point in the intestine, while zinc is released at a different one. This ensures that each micronutrient is absorbed without disturbance from other nutrients. The continuous and moderate release of micronutrients also prevents overburdening the absorption processes, ensuring optimal absorption.

Enhancement of nutrient absorption

Certain micronutrients can also enhance each other’s absorption. Therefore, in the microtransporters, for instance, vitamin D and calcium are packaged together to ensure their release at the same location, thus maximizing absorption.

Absorption of fat-soluble vitamins

Fat-soluble vitamins, such as Vitamin E, require specific fats as carriers for effective absorption. Hence, it is often advised to consume vitamin E with fatty foods. The vitamin E can dissolve in the dietary fat, allowing for better absorption by the body. Our microtransporters retain fatsoluble vitamins like vitamin E until it later comes into contact with dietary fats and is absorbed. Additionally, the carrier fat is optimized by the Omega-3 fatty acids or phytosterols contained in NutriMe.

What differentiates microtransporters from other dietary supplements?

Increased Stability

Nutrients in microtransporters are protected from oxygen, enhancing their shelf life compared to other forms like powders or liquids.

Optimized Nutrient Absorption

Thanks to their special design, microtransporters allow for the delayed release of micronutrients. This ensures a continuous nutrient supply throughout the day and avoids problems associated with taking traditional supplements.

Targeted Combination

Some micronutrients can enhance the absorption of others. By packaging such synergistic combinations in the same microtransporters, optimal nutrient absorption is ensured.


Each customer can receive a tailor-made blend of micronutrients precisely suited to their needs. This is particularly useful for people with specific dietary requirements.

Our production

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