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Biological Age DNA Test

Have you ever wondered why some people have a better skin and body condition than many other people of a similar age? The biological age refers to the state of the body and how it looks and functions compared to the chronological age (i.e., the actual age in years). It takes into account the general state of health and the physiological changes that occur over time. Chronological age increases by one with each birthday. However, your biological age may differ from this. Some people may appear younger due to their lifestyle, genetics, and other factors. 

What factors influence biological age? 

  • Genetics: Genetic predisposition can play a role in how quickly or slowly someone ages.
  • Lifestyle: Factors such as diet, physical activity, smoking, alcohol consumption, stress management and sleep quality can influence biological age.
  • Environmental factors: External factors such as environmental pollution, sun exposure and toxin load can accelerate the aging process.
  • Diseases: Existing diseases and health conditions can affect biological age and allow the body to age faster.

Genetic Analysis Biological Age

Our laboratory conducts a comprehensive genetic test specifically targeting the genes influencing telomere length. This analysis reveals genetic abilities to preserve telomeres. Based on this scientific analysis, we then draw logical conclusions that provide personalized recommendations to slow down their degeneration. The result is a detailed written report offering research insights and actionable measures to reduce your Biological Age, contributing to optimal cell renewal. 

Biological Age Sensor Includes

  • Genetic Influence
    Explore how your genes directly impact your Biological Age.

  • Telomere Preservation
    Understand the factors influencing telomere length and how to preserve them.

  • Mediterranean Diet Effect
    Discover the impact of the Mediterranean diet on telomeres.

  • Comparison to Population:
    Understand how your Biological Age compares to the entire population. Based on these scientific findings, we draw a number of logical conclusions and create an action plan how to use this information to your benefit* 

  • Personalized Recommendations:
    Receive actionable guidance on what to avoid and which nutrients benefit telomeres.

Let’s redefine wellness together

Provide your clients with cutting-edge insights into aging processes and empower them with personalized strategies for optimal well-being. 


  • Insightful Genetic Exploration:
    Dive into a detailed analysis of genes relevant to the aging process.

  • Verification of Anti-Aging Abilities:
    Confirm your genetic ability to slow down the aging process.

  • Reliable Genetic Analysis:
    Trust our laboratory for a comprehensive and accurate analysis.

Unleash the Power of Genetic Insights

Differentiate your services by incorporating our Biological Age Genetic Analysis. Offer clients a unique perspective on aging, coupled with actionable recommendations*. 
Partner with us to bring genetic wellness to the forefront of your offerings.

How it works:

Receive the collection kit

Follow the instructions to take your sample

The sample is returned to the laboratory for testing (prepaid envelope included)

Receive results by post and/or by email

Empower your portfolio with Novogenia

Integrate our Biological Age Genetic Analysis to provide personalized genetic insights and actionable recommendations.


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Important Information
We do not sell our products directly to end customers, but we would be pleased to hear from you so that we can recommend a suitable partner in your area.

*Please note:

Science:  Today, there are already about 4 million scientific publications that have studied the effects of certain gene defects on the human body. A typical finding from this sounds something like this: “If you have gene defect X, vitamin Y cannot be converted and remains ineffective.” Only when the effects of a gene defect have been independently demonstrated by at least three different studies is the gene test included in the program. Therefore, the influence of a gene defect is always backed by several scientific studies, and you can find the sources for this in the back part of each chapter. The genetic traits given by this analysis are thus considered to be based on scientific studies.

Recommendation: Recommendations based on your genetic profile. The recommendations derived from your genetic traits are often not determined by studies, but are often logical conclusions. An example: If a certain vitamin doesn’t work due to a gene variation, the conclusion is to switch to another vitamin with a similar effect. We achieve this for example by changing your diet or supplementation. So, it is important to understand that the recommendations developed by our experts are not based on randomized, placebo-controlled studies, but were created as logical conclusions based on your genetic traits. 

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