Gain insights into your Weight Management Genetic Traits


Have you ever wondered why some people can eat whatever they want without gaining weight?
There is a strong biological factor in how each of us responds to diet and exercise, and scientific studies have determined that genes play a significant role in this.

ShapePlus Genetic Analysis

Gain insights into how the body responds to specific diets and weight management strategies, empowering individuals to make informed choices on their wellness journey.


In our laboratory, we test genes for genetic variants that influence body weight in various ways. Identify inherent strengths and weaknesses and discover strategies to make the most out of your weight management journey.

Diets and exercises often fall short because they don’t consider the most crucial factor: the uniqueness of each individual. This is where ShapePlus comes in

ShapePlus includes

Personalized DNA report:
A complete analysis of all relevant genes through a saliva sample in our high-tech laboratory. More than 100 pages as an instruction manual for your body:

Weight Management: 
Discover your ideal macronutrient distribution, effective weight loss strategies, and personalized recipes tailored to your genes. Say goodbye to the yo-yo effect and embrace a sustainable, genetically optimized approach 

  • Optimal macronutrient distribution
  • Analysis of muscle mass loss during weight loss
  • Hunger and satiety type analysis, fat distribution

Personalized Recommendations

Based on your scientific analysis, we then generate action plans and personalized recommendations to take your biological data into account. *

900+ food types
A detailed list evaluating over 900 food types tailored to your genetic profile, helping you make informed choices for effective weight loss and healthy nutrition.

Personalized Recipe Book
A recipe book tailored to your genes with 100 recipes and 40 daily menus to optimally support your success.

30 snacks
Access to a list of snacks that are always allowed for guilt-free indulgence.

70 sports activities
Customized training plan with precise calculations for training sessions, aligning with your weight reduction or maintenance objectives.

Ready to start?

Partnering with Novogenia means choosing a dynamic collaboration that prioritizes cutting-edge technology, scientific excellence, and a commitment to improving lives through personalized and innovative solutions.

What scientific studies have determined

Weight gain through fat calories:
In scientific studies, researchers have found that in a high-fat diet, some individuals gain weight as expected, while others seem resistant to fat calories and maintain their weight. Upon deeper investigation, genes were identified as responsible for blocking excessive fat uptake from food. When these genes work effectively, they prevent the body from absorbing excessive fat, and the calories end up in the toilet. Individuals with genetic defects in these genes react differently. The fat-uptake protection is lost, and the body absorbs all available fat, resulting in weight gain.

Weight gain through carbohydrate calories:
Similar to fat calories, carbohydrates do not affect everyone in the same way. Some people seem to gain weight through excessive carbs, while others are resistant to them. Again, scientific studies have identified genes involved in this process.

Weight loss through exercise:
Studies with a large group of participants following the same exercise program over several months have observed an interesting effect: participants can be classified into two groups, responders and non-responders. Non-responders appear to lose between 3 and 6 times less weight through the same exercise program than responders, and the genes responsible for this effect were identified.

Weight loss through calorie reduction:
Also, eating fewer calories appears to affect people differently, and genes seem to be the ones to blame. While some people lose weight quickly, less genetically fortunate individuals lose 3 times less weight with the same reduction in calories.

How it works:

Receive the collection kit

Follow the instructions to take your sample

The sample is returned to the laboratory for testing

Receive results by post and/or by email

Discover the power of personalized health solutions

Start your ShapePlus genetic journey today. 

Important Information
We do not sell our products directly to end customers, but we would be pleased to hear from you so that we can recommend a suitable partner in your area.

*Please note:

Science:  Today, there are already about 4 million scientific publications that have studied the effects of certain gene defects on the human body. A typical finding from this sounds something like this: “If you have gene defect X, vitamin Y cannot be converted and remains ineffective.” Only when the effects of a gene defect have been independently demonstrated by at least three different studies is the gene test included in the program. Therefore, the influence of a gene defect is always backed by several scientific studies, and you can find the sources for this in the back part of each chapter. The genetic traits given by this analysis are thus considered to be based on scientific studies.

Recommendation: Recommendations based on your genetic profile. The recommendations derived from your genetic traits are often not determined by studies, but are often logical conclusions. An example: If a certain vitamin doesn’t work due to a gene variation, the conclusion is to switch to another vitamin with a similar effect. We achieve this for example by changing your diet or supplementation. So, it is important to understand that the recommendations developed by our experts are not based on randomized, placebo-controlled studies, but were created as logical conclusions based on your genetic traits. 

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