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Elevate Your Practice with Personalized DNA -Testing Programs 

Genetic Analysis enable you as a nutritionist to gain deep, personalized insights into the genetic makeup of your clients. You can tailor your services perfectly to the personal and unique genetic strengths and weaknesses of your client.

Comprehensive Lifestyle Optimization

 Novogenia products are more than tools; they are companions on the journey to improved nutrition, body weight, and performance. Our findings support medical professionals in diagnostics and serve as a unique foundation for optimizing lifestyle in a simple and individualized manner.


Genetic Weight Loss Analysis.

Gain a personalized understanding of the genetic factors influencing your weight management journey.


Genetic Weight and Nutrition Analysis.

Receive detailed answers on how your genetic makeup influences your weight loss goals and nutritional choices.

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Comprehensive Genetic Wellness Evaluation. 

Gain a personalized understanding of the genetic factors influencing your weight management journey.

Ready to Transform Your Nutrition Practice?

Take the First Step Today and Explore the Power of Personalized Wellness with Novogenia.


Supercharge Your Business Growth

Deliver unparalleled, science-based value to your clients, guiding them towards their health and wellness goals.

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Generate additional revenue – scale your business

Create another source of income and generate sustainable income for your day-to-day business with your existing customers. With long term subscription to personalized products earn additional revenue every month, long after the last visit of your client.

Expand Your Expertise with Exclusive Resources

Access inspiring events, exclusive webinars, and cutting-edge educational materials to stay at the forefront of your field. 

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Harness the Power of Full Client Information

Our reports are not just informative; they’re powerful, personalized, and easy to interpret. We delve into thousands of complex gene combinations, considering weighted and cumulative values to provide you with the most accurate and personalized action plans. 

Your Next Level Nutrition Practice Awaits

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How it works:

Receive your testing kit in the post

Follow the instructions to take your saliva sample

Return your sample using the envelope enclosed

Receive your results by post and/or by email

Find out how you can begin using cutting edge technologies in your daily practice

With highly personalized nutritional supplements, that take your clients biological data into account, you can create long term revenue streams, long after the last visit of your client.

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