Reliable Gene Analyses on Your Behalf

Novogenia’s DNA laboratory, established in 2009, is one of the most modern laboratories in Europe. Our laboratory is ISO-certified (ISO 9001), approved by the Austrian Ministry of Health for the performance of medical gene analyses, works according to the ISO15189 standard, and is registered for accreditation for 2020.

On 300 square meters of laboratory space, we have the capacity for 200,000 genetic tests per month. If you are looking for an experienced partner to perform genetic analyses on your behalf, you have come to the right place.

Why is Novogenia the Right Partner for Your Genetic Analyses

  • Your analyses are carried out in a DNA laboratory, which has multiple certifications.
  • Our many years of experience enable you to start your analysis project without the usual initial difficulties.
  • Thanks to our sophisticated systems, the number of unusable DNA samples is far below average.
  • If required, we can support you in determining the genes relevant to the target of your analysis.
  • If you wish, we can take over the automatic printing of your analysis results in your desired format.

Our Service for Your Gene Analyses

Our service includes everything you need for a successful project, from the planning and execution of the genetic analyses to the preparation of the analysis results. Which of these services you would like to take advantage of is, of course, up to you.

Comprehensive Advice for the Development Of Your Analysis

Our team consists of experienced experts who have extensive expertise in the field of human genetics. If required, we are happy to make this know-how available to you and support you in the development of your project. If you already know the approximate target of your analysis, we can take over the research of the relevant genes, establish them in our laboratory and support you in preparing the results.

White Label Gene Analyses by a Certified Laboratory

We perform the genetic analyses on your behalf and use your logo and design for the report. Since our laboratory is certified according to ISO 9001, among other things, you will be perceived by your customers as a reputable and reliable supplier from the very beginning. Alternatively, co-branding with Novogenia is also possible upon request.

Automated Reporting According to Your Specifications

We can design your findings according to a logic specified by you and generate the appropriate report depending on the result of the analysis. The actual report generation is automatic and takes only a few seconds. Our system also offers the possibility of inserting translations, so that international analysis projects are no problem.

You Decide on the Format of the Reports

The printing of your reports is possible as a softcover book or with saddle stitch binding. If you wish, we can also send your analysis results as PDF files or simply send you the raw genetic data, from which you can then create your own reports.

Sophisticated Systems for a Successful Start

Usually, it takes a while until a new gene analysis project runs as planned, and the laboratory service runs smoothly. Thanks to our many years of experience and our sophisticated systems, you can reliably avoid the teething problems and start with a functioning project practically from day one.

Reliable Processes for Satisfied Customers

Last but not least, with us, you also benefit from an extraordinarily low rate of unusable DNA samples. While on an international average, almost every 30th sample has to be requested anew, with us only about every 200th sample is not usable. This saves you a lot of work and, at the same time, increases customer satisfaction.


Some Examples of Customer Projects that We Have Implemented

Over the years, we have implemented numerous customer projects and always endeavored to respond flexibly to the wishes of our clients. We can, therefore, assure you that you, too, can benefit from our expertise and that your project is in the best hands with us.

Digital Project

In this project, we developed a system for the analysis of six gene variants for a client. Depending on the results, we then divided the data into eight different categories and generated an automated report as a PDF document. The layout of the reports was created by us and provided with the client’s logo and color scheme.

Rebranding Project

Here we took over an existing project with 12 gene variations and adapted the complete design to a new brand. Besides the execution of the gene analyses, we carried out the dispatch of the samples, the preparation of the reports, and the billing to the client’s customers.

Research Project

For a research project, we were to analyze ten different gene variations in 8,000 test persons. Four gene variants were not yet in our portfolio, and therefore, a protocol had to be established first. Among the samples analyzed were fresh saliva samples, frozen blood samples, and preserved tissue samples.

Mixed Project

A total of 55 gene variants are available for this project, and each order can include a different selection of gene variants. The logic required for the report generation was developed by our team so that the variable printout can be fully automated.