High-Quality Cosmetic Products from Austria

Novogenia is a cosmetics manufacturer from Austria. Our company specializes in the production and development of personalized cosmetics.

For this purpose, we use gene analyses, the results of which enable us to compile individual mixtures of active ingredients. In this way, every customer can benefit optimally from the application of his/her personal cosmetic product.

What Makes Novogenia’s Cosmetic Products so Special

  • Maximum safety through strict quality controls
  • Optimum effectiveness thanks to an individually adapted composition
  • High-quality raw materials for excellent compatibility
  • A significantly higher concentration of active ingredients than in conventional cosmetics
  • High production standard1s thanks to manufacturing in Austria

Our In-House Cosmetics Production in Salzburg

We manufacture our cosmetics our own production facility in Salzburg, Austria. There we have around 1,000 square meters of space at our disposal, where we use state-of-the-art technologies to transform high-quality raw materials into personalized cosmetics.

The individual blends for our customers are mixed under computer control, while necessary product information files and reports are generated entirely automatically in the background.

Currently, our production capacity as a cosmetics manufacturer is 20,000 individualized serums per month. However, we are planning to increase this to 200,000 in the short term.

Also, there is the possibility to commission us with contract manufacturing of cosmetics. In this case, we can produce concentrates or serums with a very high concentration of active ingredients in volumes between 1 and 5,000 liters.


Quality is our Top Priority

As a cosmetics manufacturer, it is very important for us always to offer our customers the best possible product quality. For this reason, we manufacture our products to the highest standards. Users can, therefore, be sure that their Novogenia cosmetic product is particularly skin-friendly and absolutely safe.

Strict Quality Controls Accompany the Production

Before we release the raw materials from a new supplier for cosmetic production, they are tested for their concentration of active ingredients, PAHs and heavy metals, and undergo microbiological testing.

In addition, all production batches of raw material concentrates are tested for active ingredient content and microbiology. Furthermore, we examine every individual mixture. Before a finished cosmetic product leaves our company, it has thus passed a total of around 25 quality controls.

Elaborately Treated Water

The tap water we use in the production process is desalinated by reverse osmosis. In order to altogether remove existing salt residues, it is then double distilled and then stored at 80°. This enables us to reliably prevent bacterial growth and ensure excellent water quality for our cosmetics production.

Manager and developer

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Maria Wallerstorfer

Maria Wallerstorfer is the head and developer of the cosmetics division of Novogenia. Together with her team, she ensures that production standards are met and that our range of first-class cosmetics is further developed.

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Optimized Absorption of the Active Ingredients Through the Skin

In addition to the right composition, it is also essential to keep the skin’s receptivity in mind when manufacturing cosmetics. While some active agents can easily penetrate the skin, others require special processing.

For this reason, we use various technologies in production. Certain active agents like coenzyme Q10 are packaged in liposomes. For others, however, we rely on so-called microcarriers.

It enables us to increase the absorption of the active ingredients through the skin many times over, making our personalized cosmetics significantly superior to many other products.

We Offer our Customers Real Personalization

General recommendations for the use of cosmetics are not only of little use, and they may even lead to problems like skin intolerances. This is because the genes of the user significantly influence the personal need for individual active agents.

For this reason, we compile an individual mixture of active ingredients for each of our customers, the formulation of which is determined in advance utilizing a genetic test. The genetic analysis is carried out in our own DNA laboratory according to the highest medical standards.

Our customers can, therefore, rest assured that their personalized cosmetic product from Novogenia contains precisely the right combination of active ingredients to ensure optimal effectiveness based on their personal needs.

Which Genes Do We Analyze for Cosmetic Production

To ensure the ideal composition of active ingredients in our personalized cosmetics, we analyze more than 20 gene variations that, according to the current state of research, can influence the skin.

This enables us always to determine precisely the dose of an active ingredient that a user needs to counteract skin aging optimally.

High-Quality Raw Materials from Various Sources

To be eligible for our cosmetics production, both the raw materials and their suppliers must meet high-quality standards.

Whenever possible, we use active ingredients from biological sources in the production of our cosmetics. A higher bioavailability usually characterizes these. They are also generally better tolerated.

However, not all active ingredients are available in the right form from biological sources. For this reason, we sometimes use pharmaceutically manufactured raw materials in the production of our cosmetics.

List of Raw Materials

The Right Mixture Improves the Efficacy

Synthetically produced active ingredients are particularly pure and also remain stable for longer than biological raw materials. Although pharmaceutical raw materials usually have a lower bioavailability, we, therefore, use active ingredients from both sources.

For our customers, this has the advantage that they can optimally benefit from the advantages of both raw material sources and achieve the best possible efficacy with their personalized cosmetic product.

Individual Labeling and Packaging

It goes without saying that our personalized cosmetic products receive an individual label with the customer’s name before they are shipped. The product labeled in this way is then placed in elegant packaging, together with the corresponding analysis report and delivered.

High-Quality Raw Materials


Vitamin ARetinyl acetate
Vitamin B2Riboflavin
Vitamin B6Pyridoxine Hydrochloride
Vitamin B9Methyl Folatefolic acid
Vitamin B12MethylcobalaminCyanocobalamin
Vitamin CAscorbic acid
Vitamin E α-TEdl-alpha Tocopherol Acetate


Calcium Calcium carbonate
IronIron Bisglycinate
CopperCopper Sulphate
MagnesiumMagnesium Citrate
ManganeseManganese Sulphate
SeleniumSodium Selenite
ZincZinc Citrate

Food Supplements

Alpha-lipoic acidAlpha-lipoic acid
Coenzyme Q10
Coenzyme Q10

Highest level of certification

The Novogenia laboratory is one of the most modern and automated laboratories in Europe, and has numerous certifications and quality assurance systems that meet international standards or even exceed them.

The various business units are separated, and also certified to the highest quality standards.

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