Genes and obesity

The science of genes

So far, eight genes have been identified that, when defective, have an impact on body weight and the most effectivediet.

These eight genes can be analyzed in the Novogenia-developed gene analysis Weight Sensor in the DNAnutriControl program. The method used for this purpose examines specific regions of the genes (so-called SNPs) for defects that determine the respective tendencies to obesity and weight loss.

Science summary

The scientific basis for this genetic analysis is unusually strong. On the one hand, the relevant genes have already been studied in more detail in numerous studies (more than 7,500 studies for the PPARG gene, 167 studies for the FABP2 gene, 6,897 studies for the ADRB2 gene, and 493 studies for FTO), and the weight analysis is based on the most important 53 studies on weight loss and diet.

Analyzed in this analysis are eight polymorphisms that have different effects on the body. Since this is a very comprehensive analysis product, this description focuses only on the most important statements.

Summary of key messages:

  • 1: Humans respond differently to dietary fat content due to genetic polymorphisms. It makes sense to adjust the fat content.
  • 2: People react differently to carbohydrate content in food. It makes sense to adjust the carbohydrate content.
  • 3: Genes influence a particular weight loss program with up to 2.5 times better or worse success.
  • 4: Genetic polymorphisms influence how the body responds to exercise to lose weight.
  • 5: Genes influence the success of calorie reduction for weight loss.

The program detects these genetic tendencies through genetic analysis, adjusts calorie distribution accordingly, and sets the focus of the program on the strategy that achieves better results according to genetic analysis. More exercise or a greater reduction in calories?

The goal of this section is to provide evidence for each of these statements and to make clear the scientific basis for the program.

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