Procedure of a medical gene analysis


Medical genetic analyses may only be requested by physicians, so that sufficient consultation and medical care can be provided. For this reason, the analysis process always begins with your physician.

Step 1

Your doctor will first inform you about the scope and benefits of the genetic analysis and explain all relevant aspects of the genetic analysis.

Step 2

The next step is for you to sign a consent form, as no genetic analyses will be performed in our laboratory without your consent.

Step 3

After that, a saliva sample must be taken. This sample can be conveniently collected with a cotton swab and sent to our laboratory by mail. We always take three swabs for each analysis so that we can repeat the analysis twice more if the sample quality is poor. We provide our partner physicians with corresponding sample sets.

Step 4

The sample is then sent to our certified Novogenia human genetics laboratory for evaluation. There, a robot-automated process is used to extract DNA from your saliva and then the desired gene segments are analyzed for variations. To ensure the best analytical accuracy in each case, different genes are analyzed in different laboratory units using the most appropriate technology.

Step 5

Our scientists then evaluate the results and create the screening programs, which are then sent to your doctor as a printed booklet by mail or as a pdf file via a server, depending on your preference.

Step 6

As a final step, you will be informed of the results during a visit with your doctor. Your doctor will explain the results to you and you will decide together with him/her how to proceed in your screening program.

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