puls4 – PCR test “European champion” Eugendorf

Pulse 4 / Café Puls – Date: 02/08/2021
Author: Puls 4 / Café Puls – Source

PCR test: Eugendorf becomes a HotSpot

Every day, a private jet with thousands of Corona smears from the Netherlands lands at Linz Airport, which are then taken to Salzburg, Eugendorf. Eugendorf is hardly known, yet many depend on the village. The reason: Novogenia’s genetics laboratory, which is one of the largest for evaluation to PCR tests in Europe. The incredible capacity of 45,000 swab evaluations per day means that samples are now even flown in specially to Austria from the Netherlands. Head of the house, Daniel Wallerstorfer, shows the way from the sample to the evaluated result.

Original sound: Daniel Wallerstorfer (CEO, Novogenia)
Screenshot: Café Pulse 08.02.2021 8:50 am
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