Genetic testing for children

Notes on the risk analysis of diseases in children

Each of us is already born with a genetic risk of disease that will accompany him/her throughout life. For this purpose, it is possible in principle to limit the risk of diseases in newborns by means of a test, which would only become apparent at an advanced age (such as Alzheimer’s disease). It is legally permissible for parents to arrange such a test for their children. Nevertheless, we would not recommend testing for the risk of disease that the child has the opportunity to do even when he/she is 18 years old.

Weight Management Test for Children – What We Can NOT Do

Obesity is a growing health problem and is affecting more and more children. Therefore, we agree with a weight management test for children. Nevertheless, some issues regarding participation in a genetic program are fundamentally different when it comes to findings in children. Because children’s metabolic rates and nutritional needs change greatly over the years, we do not provide calorie-specific and information or quantity-based menus. The information in such menus would already be out of date after 6 months and the risk of incorrect nutrition would be considerable. Therefore, our findings for children under 11 do not include details such as: Calorie calculations (e.g. daily calorie needs, amount of calories that should be burned daily), calculated ideal weight, menu suggestions, login details for the menu portal, exercise tables, and the item system. Such calculations are not useful for children and are also difficult to make.

Weight Management Test for Children – What We CAN Do

Nevertheless, there are many ways to get your child to prefer certain foods that will not cause problems such as obesity and will also ensure that certain diseases are prevented later in life. For this reason, our Weight Management program gives full insight into a child’s genetic programming, the best strategies to lose weight, and general advice that contributes to a healthier lifestyle. The report also includes the full list of foods in which each type of food is included according to its genetic potential to build weight. This list is designed to help parents find the right food for their child. The concept of red and green bars, according to which different types of food are classified, is also the best known way in adults to change the diet for weight loss.

Nutrigenetic testing for children

A nutrigenetic assessment of different types of food for children, has great potential to shape the future life of the child. Therefore, we provide a nutrigenetic assessment of the complete food list for a child of any age. In addition, the findings for children also include recommendations for certain vitamins, but these have been capped to ensure that amounts taken remain within safe limits. Please be aware that the vitamin recommendations in any report for a child, are only valid until a maximum of one year after the report is printed. In the next year, the need for vitamins will have already changed fundamentally, which must be taken into account in the child’s diet. Our NutriMe Complete supplements do take note of this when they are ordered, but the finding will quickly be invalid.

A reprint on request when the age of 18 has been reached

To ensure that children can still benefit from the findings when they grow up, we offer the option to order reprints at any age. Please contact us if you would like to know more about a reprint and the cost.

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