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It is no secret that a balanced diet plays a vital role in health and that unhealthy foods can cause considerable damage in the long run. However, it is hardly possible to make general dietary recommendations that are perfect for everyone. After all, what is healthy for one person may cause significant problems for another and may even encourage the development of diseases. The reason for these individual differences lies in genes. 

It is now known that numerous genetic variations affect how your body can handle and metabolic certain food components. This becomes clear, for example, with common problems such as lactose or gluten intolerance, but is also important for a variety of other possible health related aspects. 

This area of genetics is called nutrigenetics. Nutrigenetics makes it possible to optimize individual nutrition by analyzing nutritionally relevant genes.  

Genetic Analysis Nutrition Sensor

Step into the future of nutrition with our Nutrition Genetic Analysis. Beyond generic nutrition recommendations, our analysis, performed in our cutting-edge laboratory, delves into your genetic makeup.
Discover how your genes influence your response to coffee, Omega 3, folic acid, and more. Based on this information, we draw a number of logical conclusions and create action plans* to help you make the most of your nutrition, empowering you to make informed dietary choices based on your genetic strengths and weaknesses.

Nutrition Sensor includes

✅ Effect of coffee and caffeine 

✅ Effect of Omega 3 on HDL-Cholesterol 

✅ Effect of folic acid 

✅ Heart protection from homocysteine 

✅ Coenzyme Q10: the anti-aging molecule 

✅ Detoxification of carcinogens and chemicals 

✅ Protection against oxidative stress aging 

✅ Sufficient selenium supply 

✅ Salt and blood pressure 

✅ Effect of Vitamin D3 

✅ Gene, lactose, and calcium 

✅ Inflammation and the immune system 

✅ Regulation of LDL-Cholesterol and triglycerides 

✅ Iron intake – the right amount 

✅ Food item list for over 900 foods. 

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  • The Whole Book About You:
    Gain a comprehensive understanding of your genetic nutritional blueprint.

  • Unlock Personalized Nutrition:
    Receive insights into your genetic makeup and personalized nutrition recommendations*.

  • Total DNA Sample and Data Security:
    Ensure the utmost security for your DNA sample and personal data.

  • In-house Genetic Testing Laboratory:
    Trust in the accuracy and reliability of the analysis conducted by our certified by ISO9001 lab.

    Based on this scientific information, we draw logical conclusions and action plans* to help you change your nutrition to make the best of your genetic strengths and weaknesses.

  • Personalized Recommendations:
    Our careful analysis con siders your genetic characteristics to ensure that you can optimally support your body with nutrients and vitamins.

  • Ready to use food list
    Explore which food is particularly good or bad for you.

Highlight a commitment to personalized nutrition and health.
Join us in pioneering genetic wellness solutions for businesses.

How it works:

Receive the collection kit

Follow the instructions to take your sample

The sample is returned to the laboratory for testing (prepaid envelope included)

Receive results by post and/or by email

Provide clients with groundbreaking genetic insights into nutrition, setting your business apart in the wellness industry.
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Important Information
We do not sell our products directly to end customers, but we would be pleased to hear from you so that we can recommend a suitable partner in your area.

*Please note:

Science:  Today, there are already about 4 million scientific publications that have studied the effects of certain gene defects on the human body. A typical finding from this sounds something like this: “If you have gene defect X, vitamin Y cannot be converted and remains ineffective.” Only when the effects of a gene defect have been independently demonstrated by at least three different studies is the gene test included in the program. Therefore, the influence of a gene defect is always backed by several scientific studies, and you can find the sources for this in the back part of each chapter. The genetic traits given by this analysis are thus considered to be based on scientific studies.

Recommendation: Recommendations based on your genetic profile. The recommendations derived from your genetic traits are often not determined by studies, but are often logical conclusions. An example: If a certain vitamin doesn’t work due to a gene variation, the conclusion is to switch to another vitamin with a similar effect. We achieve this for example by changing your diet or supplementation. So, it is important to understand that the recommendations developed by our experts are not based on randomized, placebo-controlled studies, but were created as logical conclusions based on your genetic traits. 

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