Revolutionizing Physiotherapy with Novogenia’s DNA Insights


Elevate Your Practice with Genomic Wellness in Physiotherapy.

As a physiotherapist, you’re dedicated to helping individuals regain mobility and wellness. At Novogenia, we offer a groundbreaking solution that combines the power of DNA analysis with physiotherapy, providing personalized insights to optimize your rehabilitation strategies.

Unlocking Potential with Personalized DNA Analysis:

 Novogenia products are more than tools; they are companions on the journey to improved nutrition, body weight, and performance. Our findings support medical professionals in diagnostics and serve as a unique foundation for optimizing lifestyle in a simple and individualized manner.


Genetic Weight Loss Analysis.

Gain a personalized understanding of the genetic factors influencing your weight management journey.


Genetic Weight and Nutrition Analysis.

Receive detailed answers on how your genetic makeup influences your weight loss goals and nutritional choices.

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Comprehensive Genetic Wellness Evaluation. 

Gain a personalized understanding of the genetic factors influencing your weight management journey.

Elevate Your Practice with DNA Analysis

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  • Precision Rehabilitation:
    Elevate your physiotherapy practice by incorporating DNA analysis for personalized rehabilitation plans.

  • Improved Patient Outcomes
    Maximize the effectiveness of your interventions by tailoring rehabilitation strategies to individual genetic profiles.

  • Patient Engagement
    Offer a unique and personalized experience that resonates with patients, fostering increased engagement and commitment to their rehabilitation journey.

  • Innovative Differentiation
    Stand out in the field of physiotherapy by embracing cutting-edge genetic solutions in your practice.

  • Expand Your Expertise with Exclusive Resources
    Access inspiring events, exclusive webinars, and cutting-edge educational materials to stay at the forefront of your field.

  • Unlock Exclusive Prices as a Reseller
    Enjoy exclusive volume discounts when you partner with Novogenia as a nutrition reseller.

Transform Rehabilitation

Unlock Genetic Insights for Tailored Physiotherapy. Contact Novogenia for a Consultation.

How it works:

Receive a sample kit in the post

Follow the instructions to take samples

Return your sample using the envelope enclosed

Receive your results by post and/or by email

DNA-Powered Recovery

Integrate Genetic Insights into Your Physiotherapy Practice.
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