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Did you ever wonder why some people can eat what they want and not gain weight? This seemingly unfair difference is rooted in our genes. Overweight is a widespread problem that affects more people and often has severe consequences for their health. There is, therefore, no question that overweight people should reduce their body weight. However, it cannot be said in general terms how one can best achieve this since genetic differences have an enormous influence on how our body uses the food supplied to it and which nutrients lead to the build-up of body fat.

Weight Sensor

Cutting-edge analysis delves into 8 key genes to unveil the optimal combination of exercise and diet tailored specifically to your genetic makeup. Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all approaches – it’s time for precision in your weight management strategy. 

For our Weight Genetic Analysis, we carry out an extensive analysis of the sample sent in in our laboratory. We examine all eight genes that are important for body weight and, therefore, also influence fat loss. This allows us to say, for example, very precisely whether the person in question is gaining weight as a result of a high-fat or carbohydrate-based diet and to what extent the genes affect the feeling of hunger and satiety. 

The Weight Analysis includes

  • Nutritional type 
    Find out if, according to your genes, you are a fat, carbohydrate, or mixed type 

  • Sport or calorie reduction? 
    Find out now whether, according to your genes, you can lose weight better through exercise or by eating less 

  • Maintenance of your muscle mass 
    Find out now how your genes influence the maintenance of your muscle mass when losing weight and what this means for your choice of sport 

  • Control over feelings of hunger and satiation 
    Genes not only control mechanical processes in the body, but also our psyche. Learn how your genes control your hunger and satiety feelings and how you can deal with it 

  • Fat distribution – where fat accumulates 
    How do genes influence your fat distribution? And what does this mean for your health 

  • Yo-yo effect 
    Whether you quickly regain weight after a weight reduction depends on your genes

    Based on these scientific findings, we draw a number of logical conclusions and create an action plan how to use this information to your benefit*  

  • Training plan 
    Get an individualized weekly sports plan based on your genes and biological data.   

  • Nutrition 
    We give you here an overview of your results and show you ways to integrate them into your diet. 
    – List of more than 900 types of food rated as “good and bad” for losing weight.  
    – Your daily needs based on biological data for vitamins and nutrients that your body requires to be optimally supplied 
    – 30 snacks that are always allowed 

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Benefits of The Weight Analysis

  • Personalized Roadmap for Weight Loss:
    Dive into our comprehensive report, revealing a tailored weight management strategy intricately designed around your unique genetic profile.

  • Efficiency in Diet Planning:
    Inside the report, discover the nutrition type perfectly aligned with your genetic makeup.

    Based on these scientific insights, we formulate a list of logical conclusions and devise a strategic action plan to leverage this information to your advantage. *

  • Tailored Exercise Guidance:
    Identify the optimal sport type that maximizes your weight loss potential. Enjoy a meaningful and targeted training program tailored specifically to your genetic predispositions.

  • Informed Nutrition Decisions:
    Decode the intricacies of your genetic code within our report, understanding which foods support or hinder weight gain.

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How it works:

 Receive a testing kit in the post

Follow the instructions to take a saliva sample

Return the sample using the pre-paid envelope enclosed

Receive results by post and/or by email

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Our Weight Genetic Analysis report offers a unique perspective on weight management, uncovering hidden insights and guiding individuals towards healthier lifestyle choices.


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Important Information
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*Please note:

Science: Today, there are already about 4 million scientific publications that have studied the effects of certain gene defects on the human body. A typical finding from this sounds something like this: “If you have gene defect X, your body absorbs too much fat from food, increasing body weight.” Only when the effects of a gene defect have been independently demonstrated by at least three different studies is the gene test included in the program. Therefore, the influence of a gene defect is always supported by several scientific studies, and you can find the sources for this in the back part of each chapter. The genetic traits provided by this analysis are thus considered scientifically confirmed.

Recommendation: The recommendations derived from your genetic traits are often not determined by studies, but are often logical conclusions. For example, if you absorb too much fat from food due to a gene defect, the conclusion is to switch to low-fat foods. This can be achieved, for example, by changing your diet or supplements. It is important to understand that the recommendations developed by our experts are not based on randomized, placebo-controlled studies but were created as logical conclusions based on your genetic traits.

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