Breast Health Sensor

Genetic Analysis

Preventing of the risk of breast cancer

The Breast Health Sensor shows how high the individual risk of developing breast cancer is and helps to ensure optimal prevention and treatment.


Breast Health Sensor

The Breast Health Sensor at a glance:

  • Investigation of the ten genes relevant for breast cancer risk
  • Assessment of the individual risk
  • Analysis of the efficacy of 66 relevant drugs
  • Reliable test procedure in our laboratory
  • A written summary of the results
  • Concrete recommendations for effective prevention

Breast cancer is on the rise

The number of breast cancer cases has almost doubled in the last 50 years. Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women in Western countries. Although the mortality rate is steadily decreasing due to medical progress, more women still die from breast cancer than from any other cancer.

Therefore, it is vital for women to be aware of possible risk factors and to pay the necessary attention to prevention.

Early diagnosis of high blood pressure is crucial to avoid such problems. After all, hypertension is one of the most significant risk factors for heart attacks, strokes and other dangerous diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Causes of breast cancer

In most cases, breast cancer is caused by a combination of environmental factors and existing genetic defects. Therefore, some women have a much higher risk due to their genetic predisposition, which is exacerbated by an unhealthy lifestyle.

Currently, ten genes are associated with the development of breast cancer. With the help of an appropriate genetic test, these can be checked and, if necessary, appropriate preventive measures can be taken.

How our Breast Health Sensor works

For our Breast Health Sensor, our laboratory analyses the ten genes in the sample that influence breast cancer risk. In addition, we test 66 medications to see if they can cause problems due to the genes.

This enables us to assess whether a patient is more likely to have breast cancer and whether special attention should be paid to prevention.

After a successful examination, we prepare a written evaluation in which we present all relevant results.

In this way, our Breast Health Sensor helps to determine the individual risk of a patient and to select suitable preventive measures.

How it works:

Receive the collection kit

Follow the instructions to take your sample

The sample is returned to the laboratory for testing (prepaid envelope included)

Receive results by post and/or by email

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This analysis is not offered by Novogenia.
It is created and sold by our partner
company DNA PLUS –
Zentrum für Humangenetik GmbH in Germany.


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*Please note:

Science:  Today, there are already about 4 million scientific publications that have studied the effects of certain gene defects on the human body. A typical finding from this sounds something like this: “If you have gene defect X, vitamin Y cannot be converted and remains ineffective.” Only when the effects of a gene defect have been independently demonstrated by at least three different studies is the gene test included in the program. Therefore, the influence of a gene defect is always backed by several scientific studies, and you can find the sources for this in the back part of each chapter. The genetic traits given by this analysis are thus considered to be based on scientific studies.

Recommendation: Recommendations based on your genetic profile. The recommendations derived from your genetic traits are often not determined by studies, but are often logical conclusions. An example: If a certain vitamin doesn’t work due to a gene variation, the conclusion is to switch to another vitamin with a similar effect. We achieve this for example by changing your diet or supplementation. So, it is important to understand that the recommendations developed by our experts are not based on randomized, placebo-controlled studies, but were created as logical conclusions based on your genetic traits.