Lifestyle Analysis

Lifestyle products support in all questions corcenrning healthy nutrition and lifestyle

Genetic Analysis


Genetic Weight Loss Analysis

Personalized understanding of the genetic factors influencing individual weight management journey.


Genetic Weight and Nutrition Analysis

Detailed answers on how genetic makeup influences weight loss goals and nutrition choices.


Comprehensive Genetic Wellness Evaluation

Personal guide to balanced lifestyle und sustainable health based on multifaceted genetic analysis.

Toxo Sensor

Genetic Analysis

Optimal Detoxification ot the Body

Nutrition Sensor

Genetic Analysis

Understanding the link between genes and nutrition

Weight Sensor

Genetic Analysis

Slimming with the help of the gene

Biological Age Sensor

Genetic Analysis

Slow down aging processes

Burnout Sensor

Genetic Analysis

Understanding the genetic basis of stress


NutriMe Complete

Personalized Supplements

Optimal health support based on your biological needs

NutriMe Weight Management

Calorie Blockers

Personalized Calorie Blockers for Optimal Slimming Results

Non-Genetic Analysis

Food Intolerance Sensor

Blood Analysis

Detection of IgG antibodies as the cause of food intolerance

Metabolism Sensor

Blood and Urin Analysis

Early Detection and Proactive Management

Allergy Sensor

Blood Analysis

Identifying Causes of Allergies

Important Information
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