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Why diagnosing metabolic dysfunction matters  
The metabolism is the sum of all the functions in the body. It controls all chemical and physical changes that take place in the organism to sustain growth and all other processes. Many vitamins, micronutrients, proteins, and other food ingredients that are ingested through food or supplements must first be converted. After that they can unfold their effect and provide the body with energy. A well-functioning metabolism ensures a healthy heart, beautiful skin, fast nerves and a healthy weight. On the other hand, a disturbed metabolism can lead to a variety of health problems. 

What are the symptoms?   

  • General discomfort 
  • Diminished performance 
  • Weight problems 
  • Fitness problems, such as: low muscle growth 
  • Poor recovery after workouts 
  • Low stamina, constant fatigue 
  • Back and joint pain 
  • Digestive problems 
  • Problems with hair, nails or skin 
  • Mental problems, such as: anxiety, delusions, hallucination 

Metabolism Sensor

Metabolism is the engine that drives every bodily function, from fueling energy to ensuring radiant skin and a healthy heart. Dive into the world of metabolic health with our comprehensive test. 

At our cutting-edge lab, we conduct a thorough sample analysis. We evaluate the balance of beneficial and harmful gut bacteria (the microbiome), assess nutrient absorption efficiency, and identify possible issues in various metabolic processes. Post-analysis, receive a detailed report presenting all your test results comprehensively. 

Metabolism Analysis includes


This group contains vitamins, minerals and trace elements. The proper supply and conversion of these micro-nutrients is essential to the metabolism within these cells and consequently the entire basic function of the body.

Biotin, Carnitine, Coenzyme Q10, Iron, Folic acid, Lipoic acid, Magnesium, N-Acetylcysteine, Selenium, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Chrome, Zinc 


They are the basic “building blocks” of the human body and play an important role in the growth and maintenance of muscles, hormone balance, and cell and bone structure. The body cannot produce the so-called “non-essential” amino acids by itself, wherefore they must be absorbed through the diet.

Histidine, Leucine, Lysine, Methionine, Phenylalanin, Threonine, Tryptophan, Tyrosine, Valine, Arginine 


Proteins are the basic building blocks for muscle building and, among other things, strengthen the immune system. When consumed through food they fill you up and contribute to the physical and mental energy supply.

Total protein intake and Protein utilization 


This group contains other important energy sources, such as fatty acids and glucose, which the body requires to maintain all life-sustaining functions. 

Glucose metabolism, Carbohydrate metabolism, Mitochondria, Kidney stones, Omega metabolism 


Food and other environmental influences don’t just provide the body with health-promoting substances, but also substances that are harmful to the body. To protect the body, these toxic substances are converted and excreted, mostly by the liver, gall bladder and kidneys.  

Ammonia, Heavy metals, Free radicals, Liver 


The microbiome plays an important role in the utilization of food ingredient, contributes to the functioning of the immune system and controls the absorption of various substances via the intestinal mucosa.

Bacterial overgrowth, Clostridia increase, Intestinal dysbiosis, Intestinal permeability, Intestinal malabsorption, Yeast and fungal infection 

Detailed written evaluation of results
After the analysis you will receive a detailed, comprehensive report of the parameters being tested and the logical conclusions being drawn to improve these parameters.

Based on these scientific findings, we draw a number of logical conclusions and create an action plan how to use this information to your benefit*

Individual recommendations for action based on the findings
Based on your unique metabolic profile, receive personalized recommendations to optimize your health journey.

Daily requirement of micronutrients
Get insights into the essential micronutrients your body craves for peak performance and vitality.
Alpha lipoic acid, Calcium, Coenzyme Q10, Copper, Folic Acid, Iron, Lutein, Magnesium, Manganese, Methyl-Sulfonyl-Methane, Omega-3, Phytosterol, Selenium, Vitamin A, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Vitamin E, Zinc


Explore Metabolism Analysis Partnership Possibilities

Stand out in your industry by incorporating our advanced metabolic testing into your client care.


  • Pinpoint metabolic weak spots:
    By identifying specific weaknesses in your metabolism, this analysis provides targeted insights, guiding you to take proactive steps towards improving your overall health and vitality.

  • Gauge your body’s ability to utilize nutrients:
    Understanding how your body processes nutrients empowers you to make informed dietary choices, ensuring that your nutritional intake aligns with your body’s needs for optimal well-being.

  • In-depth microbiome assessment:
    Delve into the intricacies of your gut health to comprehend its role in digestion, immunity, and overall health—knowledge that is invaluable for crafting personalized strategies to support your well-being.

  • Identify and address gut imbalances:
    Recognizing imbalances in your gut flora enables you to address digestive issues at their roots, fostering a healthier gut environment and enhancing your overall digestive wellness.

  • Detect bacterial and fungal threats:
    Uncover potential threats to your health by identifying harmful bacteria and fungi, allowing you to implement preventive measures and maintain a balanced and thriving internal ecosystem.

  • Empower knowledge to fortify your body:
    Armed with a wealth of information about your metabolism, nutrient utilization, and microbiome, you gain the knowledge needed to make conscious choices that fortify your body’s resilience and promote long-term health. 

Empower Your Clients with Comprehensive Metabolic Insights

Join forces to provide in-depth metabolic insights that revolutionize your healthcare offerings.

How it works:

Receive the collection kit

Follow the instructions to take your sample

The sample is returned to the laboratory for testing (prepaid envelope included)

Receive results by post and/or by email

Drive Health Innovation

Enhance your services by offering cutting-edge metabolic analysis to your clients. Contact Us Now for Your Test Kit!


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