The Novogenia company

As one of the leading biotechnology companies in Europe, Novogenia has been providing fast, reliable and groundbreaking insights in preventive and lifestyle genetic testing and individualized nutritional supplements and cosmetics since 2009.

Valuable Insights

For Companies, Partners, and Patients

Since establishing the first Novogenia laboratories, we have provided people with valuable benefits through our findings – in diagnosis, in preventive healthcare, or in optimizing their individual lifestyles.

To meet this demand at all times, we have relied on leading methods and high-tech equipment since our founding. We regularly update both.

High laboratory capacities, advanced technologies, and a large team of experienced employees make us an efficient partner for small and large companies. The capacities of our in-house production of nutritional supplements and cosmetic products also handle large orders smoothly.

Key Data Novogenia

Certified Quality and Performance

Novogenia is certified to the highest international quality standards. As a company licensed by the Austrian government, we naturally comply with the regulations that apply throughout Europe.

The production of nutritional supplements and cosmetics is carried out according to the highest standards. Strict quality controls, regular tests for doping substances and harmful substances, and an elaborate internal water treatment guarantee absolutely safe and high-quality products.


Dr. Daniel Wallerstorfer
Chief Executive Officer

Michael Huttegger

Maria Wallerstorfer

Mag. Matthias Probst, MsC
Chief Financial Officer


Mag. Sandra Merkinger
Head of Sales / Key Account Management

Daniel Reith
Vice Chief Sales Officer & Key Account Manager


Jasmin Maislinger
Sales representative

Sonja Gütl, BSc.
Sales representative


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