If there are changes to company data such as the company name or address, please inform us of these changes via email at keyaccount@novogenia.com. Our team will then update the information in our system for you.

As our Novogenia partner, customer support is your responsibility. If you encounter questions from your customers that you cannot answer, our Customer Service Team is available to assist you at service@novogenia.com.

You can reorder the collection materials (Saliva Kit) through the following link in our partner shop: Partner-Shop. Access to the shop requires your personal ID code.

For content-related questions about the reports, our Customer Service Team is happy to assist you. You can reach the team via email at service@novogenia.com.

It is up to you whether you place orders for your customers or forward the shop link along with the ID code to your customers so they can place their orders independently.
You can view the status of your customers’ orders in the partner portal. Further information about the partner portal can be found under a separately listed point.
Yes, you receive your customers’ results reports in your partner portal for download. This allows you to provide optimal support to your customers. Further information about the partner portal can be found under a separately listed point.
For optimal customer support, we offer you access to the Novogenia Academy. In the academy, you will find training videos on all relevant topics such as basics and products essential for your successful sales. After successfully answering the test questions, you will receive a certificate. This certificate serves as a quality mark and shows your customers that you are a qualified Novogenia partner.
After collection, place the sample bag including the tube in an outer packaging (e.g., an envelope, a padded envelope, or a box). Make sure that the words “Exempt Medical Specimen” are visibly labeled on the outer packaging to ensure proper handling. The samples should then be sent to the following address: Genetic Laboratory Strass 19, 5301 Eugendorf, Austria

The detailed instructions for correct sample collection can be found directly in the Saliva Kit. For a visual guide and further explanations, you can also watch our video that explains the process in detail. The video is available at the following link: Saliva Sample Collection for DNA Analysis (YouTube)

Sales are currently permitted in Austria and Germany. It is planned to expand this system to other countries in the future.
The results report is currently only available in German. It is planned to make reports available in other languages in the future.

If you have questions about your contract, please contact your advisor directly via email or at keyaccount@novogenia.com. Our team will be happy to contact you.

To start as a Novogenia partner, purchasing the starter box at a preferential price in the online shop is a necessary step. This set contains the sample sets and all necessary materials for your successful start.
You can order the starter set at the following link: Starterbox | SW10007 Access to the shop requires your ID code. Enter this to place the order.
No, there are no minimum order quantities.
The partner portal serves to optimally support your sales activities by providing a comprehensive overview of customers, order status, and products. Detailed information can be found in the manual: KA_004_Partner-Portal_DLM_DE_V2.pdf
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