Information for patients

All products from Novogenia can only be purchased in collaboration with your doctor. This ensures you benefit from the competent support of an expert who is familiar with you and your medical history.

Competent care through your doctor 

For an effective preventive genetic analysis, the personal support of an expert who knows you and your medical history and can address any uncertainties in detail is essential.

Therefore, all genetic tests from Novogenia are available exclusively in collaboration with your doctor. Your doctor will initially inform you about the genetic test and the disease, answer all your questions, and assist you with the sample collection. Afterwards, they will take care of the transport and inform you when the analysis results have arrived.

(Before the genetic sample reaches the laboratory for examination, you are legally required (§ 10 Abs. 2 GenDG) to receive genetic counseling from a doctor.)

In a subsequent discussion, your doctor will explain the results and the recommended course of action. Additionally, you will receive an easy-to-understand health report for home use, which once again explains the results and recommendations.

Should you have any further questions, your doctor or Novogenia will be happy to assist.

Inform your doctor

Novogenia operates in a new field of medicine, so it is possible that your doctor may not yet be aware of our service.

Inform them about Novogenia and start your genetic health prevention with their help. Simply contact us to receive sample sets and additional informational materials. With these, you can then visit your doctor and let them know that you would like to start your genetic disease prevention.

Our staff are happy to provide comprehensive information to you and your doctor about the possibilities of our genetic analyses and supplements.

We look forward to your call!

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